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This Valentine's Day, Hot Topic Wants You to Kiss Like a Hero

This Valentine's Day, Hot Topic Wants You to Kiss Like...

By Tim Beedle Thursday, February 13th, 2014

You might not be able to fly, know how to solve life-or-death mysteries or possess the keys to a batplane or invisible jet, but this Valentine’s Day, there’s one thing you can do every bit as well as a super hero.

You can kiss.

Yes, while every kiss may be different, it doesn’t require a fortuitous lightning strike or Amazonian heritage to be able to do it. When it comes to kissing, we can all be super heroes. Need further convincing? Well, the latest DC Comics tanks and bags to be found at Hot Topic should put any doubt to rest.

Featuring three of the most powerful—and popular—couples in comics, they’re the perfect shirt or accessory for Valentine’s Day. Or any time you feel like putting your passion for comics on display.

Click the links below to get the tanks.

Superman/Wonder Woman

Joker/Harley Quinn

Or if you’d like to enter Hot Topic’s Valentine’s Day giveaway for a chance to win a gift card and the Superman and Wonder Woman kiss statue from DC Collectibles, click here. (But act fast. The giveaway ends on Valentine’s Day.)