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Batman Eternal: Fans and Creators Sound Off

Batman Eternal: Fans and Creators Sound Off

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

BATMAN ETERNAL #1, the debut issue of our new weekly Batman series, hit stores last Wednesday. We doubt this will surprise anyone who hasn’t just emerged from hypersleep, but we were pretty excited to finally see it in print. After all, it’s our our first weekly series since the launch of The New 52 and the first one to focus entirely on the Dark Knight. However, what we think of it really doesn’t matter. After all, it’s all of you, the fans and readers, who will ultimately determine Batman Eternal’s success.

Last week, we asked you to tweet your thoughts on the first issue using the #BatmanEternal hashtag, and the response we received was overwhelming—and overwhelmingly positive. Looks like Snyder, Tynion, Fawkes, Layman, Seeley and Fabok have gotten many of you to commit to the long haul, which is a good thing because we’re just getting started. BATMAN ETERNAL #2 hits stores tomorrow, but to hold you over, let’s look at what you thought of issue #1.



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