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Nightwing #30 by the Numbers

Nightwing #30 by the Numbers

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

After taking a few months off (the guy just died—cut him some slack), Nightwing returns for one final issue today with NIGHTWING #30, the conclusion of Dick Grayson’s current DC Comics – The New 52 series. Along with putting the period on Dick’s adventures as Nightwing, today’s new comic also helps launch the next chapter in the former Robin’s life, which begins when GRAYSON #1 debuts in early July. This is a big day for Nightwing and Dick Grayson in what may be the most significant year for the character in quite some time. In light of all of this, we thought we’d pay tribute by breaking this key issue down…by the numbers!

Number of Nightwing issues released since it launched as part of The New 52: 31 (don’t forget, it had a zero issue!)

Number of years since the Dick Grayson Nightwing first made his debut: 30

Ranking voters gave Nightwing in our “Most Dateable Heroes” Valentine’s Day Poll: #1

Number of artists and writers who contributed to Nightwing #30: 12

Total number of story pages in the issue: 30

Number of those pages devoted to Bruce and Dick beating the tar out of each other: 12

Number of blows landed in that fight: 17 including punches, kicks and throws

Number of ice packs they probably needed afterwards: We’re guessing a couple dozen

Number of countries issue #30 is set within: 6

Number of vertigo-inducing aerial escapes within the issue: 2

Number of excruciating secrets kept by key characters: 1

Number of excruciating secrets NOT kept: Possibly 1

Number of secrets Dick must try to protect by joining Spyral: Hundreds

Number of questions Dick asks in the final segment: 1

Number of answers he gives to that question (Who am I?): 29

Number of tears shed in this final issue of Nightwing: 5

Days until the debut of Grayson #1: 35