Let's Talk Treehouse: A Tiny Interview with Art Baltazar and Franco

Let's Talk Treehouse: A Tiny Interview with Art...

By Tim Beedle Sunday, January 4th, 2015

What else can be said, but… “ AW YEAH!”

This week, this day—no, this very minute marks the return of DC Comics’ ever popular all age super hero series Tiny Titans with the release of TINY TITANS: RETURN TO THE TREEHOUSE #1, the first new comic featuring the Tiny Titans in over two years! Co-written and drawn by the always enthusiastic creative team of Art Baltazar and Franco, the debut issue of this new miniseries finds the Titans looking for their Treehouse after it’s miniaturized and stolen by the Brainiacs and features guest appearances by Swamp Thing, Solomon Grundy and more.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned reading Tiny Titans throughout the years, it’s that you can never really know what to expect from the colorful series. So we reached out to the two guys behind it who agreed to join us for a “Tiny interview.”

Hey guys, it’s so exciting seeing Tiny Titans back on the stands! How excited are you to see it back?

Art Baltazar: I’m really excited!  I’m ecstatic! If I were electricity I would shock you into a new haircut!

Franco: SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!  Ever since the series and then Superman Family Adventures ended we’ve been asked on an almost daily basis “When is Tiny Titans coming back?” or “We loved Tiny Titans! What happened to it?” It’s been awesome to say It’s BACK!!!

Over the past year, you’ve kept busy with some very cool projects like Superman Family Adventures, The Green Team and the DC Super Pets animated shorts. Was the plan and hope always that you’d return to Tiny Titans?

AB: Yes! The plan was to never leave them! I never wanted to stop making comics with them so I’m glad I have the chance to do it again! Hopefully we’ll be able to make more Superman and Super Pets too cause it’s all the same universe!

F: All the other stuff was cool!  I’m always excited to work on a new project but Tiny Titans was the one that started this whole ball rolling for us, so to tell the truth, it’s always been in the back of my mind. I keep coming back to scenarios or read something in the current Superman or Batman book and think: “Oh! That would be a great gag for Tiny Titans!” I thought maybe someday we would return to it, but never in my wildest dreams did I think we would be coming back to it this soon!

What can we expect from the new series?

AB: More action! More adventure! And more romance! Everything that makes Tiny Titans awesome and the best comic in the industry is back for another round! And we have DUCK-ZARRO too!

F: The Tiny Titans Treehouse goes missing!!! It’s still the series that will make you laugh and find the characters in some pretty silly situations, but this time the entire six-issue run has a connecting theme. The whole thing starts off when it’s discovered that the Treehouse goes missing and the Titans go on a mission to find it. They’ll run into characters from all over the DC Universe as they search high and low looking for their home.

With so many fun Tiny Titans, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’m going to ask you to anyhow. So which of the Titans are your favorites to write or draw?

AB: I like Robin and Beast Boy. Bumblebee has always been my favorite. I like Raven too now because my daughter really likes her. And the pets! Can’t forget the pets!

F: Wow. We’re always asked that question so I’m going to give the answer I always give. I love Robin…and Superboy and Kid Devil and Aqualad; Batgirl; Beast Boy; Blue Beetle; Bumblebee; Cyborg; Kid Devil; Kid Flash; Miss Martian; Ravager; Raven; Robin; Speedy; Starfire; Supergirl; Talon; Terra; Wonder Girl; Zachary Zatara… I feel like I might be leaving a couple out…

Finally, why do you think this series continues to be so popular? What’s the secret sauce here?

AB: It has every element of DC awesomeness and fantasy that makes the world of comic books a reality for first time readers. AW YEAH TITANS!!!

F: I think it just works so well on different levels. It never talks down to kids and they think it’s funny, and parents love that they can give it or read it with their kids and they get just as much enjoyment out of it as their children.

I want to thank the fans and say—THANK YOU! It’s a true testament to the fans that have been there with us through the years because this never would have happened without them.  If they didn’t pick up an issue from us at a convention, or their local shop or through their digital platform and then keep picking it up in trade form, even when new issues weren’t available, we honestly wouldn’t be having this conversation. 

Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #1 is available today in print and digital.