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DC Collectibles: Introducing the 'Naut-y List

DC Collectibles: Introducing the 'Naut-y List

By Tim Beedle Thursday, August 14th, 2014

When you think of the hundreds of heroes and villains that populate the pages of DC comic books, “cute” probably isn’t the first word to come to mind.

Unless you happen to be playing Scribblenauts Unmasked – A DC Comics Adventure.

Based on the bestselling game series’ distinct take on the DC Comics universe, our Scribblenauts Mini Figures have proven remarkably popular with fans of all ages. Sold in blind boxes at Gamestop and other retailers, there have been three waves of Scribblenauts figures so far, with a fourth wave due next month.

With a total of 46 figures soon to be available, we realize that rounding all of them up isn’t going to be easy, especially for you completionists out there. Well, here at DC Collectibles, WE FEEL YOUR PAIN! So to help with your hunt, we’ve assembled a little checklist for you…

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So how many have you checked off so far? And perhaps more important, when the heck did Maxwell join the Green Lantern Corps?