DC All Access: Gotham Academy

DC All Access: Gotham Academy

By DCE Editorial Wednesday, September 24th, 2014


ather your supplies, pack your bags, and make sure to double-check your class schedule, because fall semester at Gotham Academy begins this October, and trust us when we say this is one time where you definitely don’t want to cut class.

Ever since the first images debuted, we’ve been 100 percent on board and excited for this series. Karl Kerschl’s art lends itself perfectly to the tone of the title set by series writers Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher—fun adventure and youthful exhilaration, all peppered with some high drama and (of course) superhero-related shenanigans.

GOTHAM ACADEMY takes place at the eponymous educational institution, which serves as Gotham City’s most prestigious prep school, and follows Olive Silverlock as she enters her sophomore year, right on the heels of a major personal tragedy and a sudden breakup with her boyfriend, Kyle Mizoguchi. Kind and intelligent, Olive just wants to make it through the school year without getting into too much trouble—but between tangling with the Ghost of Gotham Academy, her ex-boyfriend’s younger sister following her around, and figuring out her mysterious connection to the Dark Knight, Olive will count herself lucky if she can just survive the first week.

Naturally, because the story takes place in Gotham City, the Academy isn’t your typical school. Just as if you were attending Hogwarts you could expect classes like Defense Against the Dark Arts and Divination—at Gotham Academy, expect some (okay, a lot of) crime with your history and a little bit of potion-making with your science. 

GOTHAM ACADEMY’s first issue hits stores October 1st! Be sure to “enroll” while you can and pick up a copy (or two!) for yourself.


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