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My Unchained Thoughts: Tiffany Smith on Superman Unchained

My Unchained Thoughts: Tiffany Smith on Superman Unchained

By Tiffany Smith Friday, December 12th, 2014

Superman Unchained! What can I say about this amazing nine-issue miniseries? When you put together the dream team of Scott Snyder writing and Jim Lee doing the artwork… Well, I definitely went into this comic book expecting a lot and I was not let down. From the epic battles to the tender moments between Lois and Superman, I was completely blown away. 

One of the things that Scott Snyder is so incredible at is creating back stories to characters that we've known for so long. He did it in Court of Owls with Batman, and now he’s doing it with Superman through the character of Wraith. I loved how he not only introduced this character that was working with the government, but he also ties it all in with WWII historical events as well. And knowing that this character of Wraith was possibly going to be the one who could take Superman down was just so much fun to watch.  Especially since he seemed to be mentoring Superman at first—teaching him things like blinking heat bullets. That was epic! And it made me believe Wraith was a character to be respected and feared a little for Supes.

Superman Unchained is a pretty dense book. There are definitely a lot of storylines to follow, which for me works best when you have little breaks in between issues. It gave me time to really digest the story and the art before the next issue. You may want to keep that in mind when reading it for the first time.

One of the storylines that I really enjoyed was Lex Luthor's. For me the only Lex is a crazy Lex. (I even took a Lex Luthor action figure with me to London and gave it to a DC All Access fan in December. I hope I didn't give him a crazy one, ha ha!) Seeing the interaction between Lex Luthor and Jimmy Olsen with the paper puppets was so manipulative and maniacal. 

But it was the final fight between Wraith and Superman that was the high point for me. It was just so cool! I mean, who knows when the next time is that we’ll see an epic battle written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Jim Lee!

Working on DC All Access, I've had some pretty incredible interviews with both of them, but one of my favorites was literally the very first interview I ever did for All Access. It was with Jim Lee where we discussed Superman Unchained and how he had hidden certain little gems in his artwork for his family throughout the series. And while you are looking for those hidden secrets, there are also some great references to Man of Steel peppered throughout the comic which were fun to stumble upon!

If you have not had a chance to check out this comic book, I highly recommend that you do it. You get to see two kindred spirits in Superman and Wraith finally end up going toe to toe. Which I am sure is kind of like Jim and Scott's friendship... I mean the kindred spirit part, not the toe to toe bit! Though if that happened in a special bonus issue, I am ready to read that next! Ha ha! In other words, I’m ready and waiting for Superman Unchained #10, gentlemen!

SUPERMAN UNCHAINED DELUXE EDITION by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee is now in stores. Featuring the entire Superman Unchained miniseries as well as a generous selection of bonus content, including the more than 50 gorgeous variant covers, it's now available in print and will soon be available as a digital download.