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DC Comics Essential Reads: Wonder Woman #1

DC Comics Essential Reads: Wonder Woman #1

By Noelle Webster Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Each week, DC Comics will be releasing a free—that's right, FREE—digital comic book issue featuring a sample chapter from one of our 25 Essential Graphic Novels as well as sample pages from the 2014 Essentials catalog. These special issues, which will be available for free for one week, are ideal for new fans looking to learn more about DC Universe and its mature readers imprint Vertigo, and provide the perfect reading guide for those looking to wade the waters of DC Entertainment's extensive library of graphic novels and collections.

This week: Wonder Woman #1!

Wonder Woman’s world is shattered when a secret her mother Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, kept all her life is revealed: Diana is not clay brought to life, but is in fact the child of Zeus! In this reimagining of Diana’s history, superheroics and mythology blend seamlessly as Brian Azzarello (Joker, 100 Bullets) creates a new direction for one of the world’s best known heroes. With stunning art by Cliff Chiang, Wonder Woman has never looked better.

She may have been created in the forties, but Azzarello and Chiang’s Wonder Woman is arguably the definitive version of the super heroine. This critically acclaimed and best-selling series is accessible to new readers, and with Wonder Woman’s appearance in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and announced solo movie, it’s the perfect time to dive into Diana’s history. Plus, you’ll want a poster of every single one of Cliff Chiang’s gorgeous pages.

The complete package of brains, brawn and beauty, this warrior princess is worthy of her status as a pop culture icon. There’s none better than Azzarello and Chiang’s take on Diana, so pick up DC ESSENTIALS: WONDER WOMAN #1 for FREE starting January 13th by clicking here!