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CONVERGENCE Kicks Off With Superman vs. Brainiac(s)?

CONVERGENCE Kicks Off With Superman vs. Brainiac(s)?

By Sara Ruiz Friday, April 3rd, 2015

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read CONVERGENCE #0 yet and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!).

It’s the week we’ve all been waiting for: The much-anticipated CONVERGENCE event kicks-off with a mind-blowing first issue, CONVERGENCE #0

Full of reveals and Easter eggs, the issue opens with Superman (remember SUPERMAN: DOOMED aka SUPERDOOM?) finding himself face-to-face with a Brainiac he’s never seen. This particular Brainiac – the ultimate Brainiac? -  resides outside time and space and encompasses all the past versions of the villainous character. 

But all Superman wants to do is get back to Metropolis…

He’s stopped cold when Brainiac reveals his grand scheme….

Describing their current location which houses “doomed cities,” see below as Brainiac explains that he has many worlds, including several versions of Metropolis!

What does this mean for Earth’s Metropolis? Which Metropolis is the one Superman is from? Is this even Brainiac? There’s way more to this issue than meets the eye! And it’s only a #0 issue! Sound off in the comments below!

CONVERGENCE #0, written by Dan Jurgens and Jeff King and illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver, is available in stores now.