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Five Reasons You Should Watch Justice League: Gods and Monsters...Again!

Five Reasons You Should Watch Justice League: Gods and...

By Tim Beedle Friday, July 31st, 2015

Earlier today, DC All Access revealed their top ten moments from DC’s lengthy slate of animated movies. It’s a great list (though it does include some pretty big spoilers, so consider yourself alerted!). We wouldn’t be surprised if it prompts many of you to spend the weekend rewatching some of our animated adventures. However, we’d suggest starting with our most recent—Justice League: Gods and Monsters.

Of course, this assumes you’ve already seen it. If you haven’t, go watch it now. It’s available on Blu-Ray and Digital HD, so it’s not hard to find. Heck, you can even win a copy if you act quickly enough. What’s important is that you get your hands on Justice League: Gods and Monsters and watch it. Then watch it again.

No, we’re not joking. While it may not be apparent at first, Justice League: Gods and Monsters is a movie that needs to be seen more than once to be fully appreciated. It’s nuanced, packed with ideas and based on the work of Bruce Timm! But that’s really just the start. Here are five deeper reasons you need to watch Justice League: Gods and Monsters…Again!

Cameos A-Plenty

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. In creating an original take on the DC Universe where anything (and anyone) is fair game, Timm has built a world that is just familiar enough to be easily accessible to hardcore fans and newcomers alike. However, longtime fans will have fun looking for and identifying the many other familiar characters to be found in Justice League: Gods and Monsters. There are plenty of them, and while some are prominent and impossible to miss, others come at you fairly fast and furious. You’ll want to rewatch and slow some of the group scenes down to make sure you catch everyone.

The Screenplay is Sublime

It’s not laugh-out-loud funny or crammed with silly catchphrases, in fact, it does very little to call attention to itself. But Alan Burnett’s screenplay, based on a story conceived with Timm, is one of the strongest we’ve seen put to film this year. Only, you’ll probably need to watch the movie a few times to really appreciate it.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters’ screenplay is subtle in places, powerful in others, and always very smart. Timm and Burnett have a lot to say about the role of super heroes in a modern society (which they expound on in the movie’s extras), but they also realize the importance of good banter in establishing relationships. Take Superman and Lois Lane for example. Their relationship in the film is far from the tight, often flirty relationship they have in the traditional DC Universe. However, it’s clear they still have a connection of some sort, and Burnett gives them just enough back-and-forth to suggest that down the line, well after the movie ends, something just might develop between them. Or it might not. This is a much different take on these characters after all.

Speaking of which…

Wonder Woman Kind of Owns the Movie

Okay, maybe that’s not entirely fair. Both Superman and Batman are equally well developed and definitely have their moments. But Wonder Woman—whom in this incarnation is Bekka, the granddaughter of the New Gods’ Highfather—certainly rules when it comes to action. We’re not just talking about kicking butt, Bekka makes decisions for the team and has clear motivations which become clearer upon your second viewing (we’ll get to that in a moment). However, if it IS super-powered throwdowns you’re after, she rules there too. In fact, she completely owns the climactic battle, where she comes to the aid and saves the lives of Superman and Batman both. Come to think of it, we wouldn’t mind a spinoff feature focusing just on Bekka, especially since it would likely take place on New Genesis. Which, coincidentally, leads nicely into our next point.

Bekka’s Origin Story Changes Everything

All three heroes get an origin story, but Wonder Woman’s comes last, and for very good reasons… which we won’t spoil. However, we’ll say that her story is set on Apokolips, it looks amazing and it changes the entire way you perceive Bekka. But since it comes late in the action, you’re unlikely to think about how it shaped her behavior and choices up to that point. Everything, from the way she handles relationships to the subtle way she questions Superman’s comments about ruling Earth is given brilliant new context.

All of the Amazing Action

Finally, we have to call out the action. Have to. It’s so intense, exciting and thrillingly staged that you’re going to want to watch the movie again just to take it all in. Batman’s technique of combining feeding with fighting, Wonder Woman’s remarkable swordsmanship and Superman’s brutal, breathtaking beatdowns all represent the best in super hero action, and that’s to say nothing of the thrilling set pieces and relentless villains. Like all of the DC Universe Original Movies, this one earns its PG-13. It’s not for young kids. But mature fans looking for a jolt of adrenaline will find plenty to do the trick here.

Those are our five reasons that Justice League: Gods and Monsters deserves a rewatch, but if you have any to add, leave them below in the comments. We’d love to hear them! Also, if rewatching is no longer enough and you’re looking for new adventures set within this world, don’t forget about the Justice League: Gods and Monsters comic series, which is now fully available digitally, and original digital shorts.