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The Great Batman Banner Hunt is On!

The Great Batman Banner Hunt is On!

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Sometimes Batman hides in the shadows. Sometimes he hides in a collection of DC Comics Facebook banners.

Batman Day is Saturday, September 26, and to help fans like you get into the spirit, we’ve updated many of our Facebook banners. Perhaps you noticed.

That’s the new banner you’ll find on our Aquaman Facebook page. Yes, they celebrate Batman Day in Atlantis. And no, I don’t know how they keep their free Batman comic book from getting sopping wet. But what's really important is...

Did you notice anything about the image above? There’s the Batman Day logo, but what’s that off there to the left?

Why, that looks like Batman…

It IS Batman. But he’s not in the original art. We added him in as a sort of Batman Day Easter Egg, and have done the same for eight more of our Facebook banners. Look for the hidden Batman in the banner art on all of the following pages:



Wonder Woman

The Flash

Green Lantern

Justice League

Harley Quinn

Green Arrow

Vertigo Comics

Some of them are pretty easy to find, while others are more difficult. Try to find them all, and while you’re at it, go on ahead and “like” the pages, if you haven’t already. It’ll make sure you stay up on all the latest news concerning the character or imprint.

Let us know how many you found in the comments below!

P.S. Oh, we also have great Batman Day banners on our DC Comics and Batman Facebook pages…but there’s no hidden Batman in either of them. Don’t drive yourself crazy looking for one!