Colonel Sanders Joins Green Lantern & The Flash in a Battle for the World’s Best Chicken

Colonel Sanders Joins Green Lantern & The Flash in a...

By Official Press Release Monday, October 5th, 2015

New Comic Produced by DC Entertainment, Home To DC Comics, Launching Today 

New York Comic Con attendees this week will be treated to a unique collaboration between Kentucky Fried Chicken and DC Entertainment, home to DC Comics. Colonel Sanders is teaming up with DC Comics Super Heroes The Flash and Green Lantern to fight his evil ‘Earth-3’ doppelganger, Colonel Sunder, in ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken Presents: The Colonel of Two Worlds.’

The comic, wherein Colonel Sanders confronts an evil version of himself, harks back to a 1960’s KFC® comic book, “The Not-So-Great Impostor,” in which Colonel Sanders foils a cook who tries to find out his secret recipe by masquerading as KFC’s feisty founder.

This is Colonel Sanders’ second outing in comic form this year, following KFC’s limited edition comic book at San Diego Comic-Con, which depicts early events in the Colonel’s life that eventually led to the discovery of his real super power: the combination of a pressure cooker and secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, better known as his world-famous Original Recipe® Chicken, made the Hard Way.

“Everyone is familiar with Colonel Sander’s super hero costume – his white suit, Kentucky bow tie, glasses and Van Dyke Beard”, says KFC US Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Hochman. “But most don’t know his super power was frying chicken The Hard Way. And unlike some of the other chains that use robots in factories, our cooks still make Kentucky Fried Chicken the Hard Way. And this comic book honors those cooks and the Colonel.”

"I grew up in Puerto Rico and the Philippines, so by the time I arrived in the U.S. at the age of 10, I was obsessed with American cultural icons, and Colonel Sanders was as big to me as Walt Disney,” stated comic writer Tony Bedard. “Partly because KFC's Extra-Crispy chicken was my all-time favorite food. Partly because the Colonel was real and yet larger than life. And now that I've worked on this comic and learned his true story, my affection for Harland Sanders has only deepened. I welcome his tongue-in-cheek return to KFC's advertisements and I must confess this little comic was as much fun as my first bite of Extra-Crispy heaven."

A limited number of ‘The Colonel of Two Worlds,’ will be available free to New York Comic Con attendees (October 8-11, 2015) within the Javits Center. Additional copies will be distributed to the public between 11 am and 3pm on October 9th, 2015 in New York’s Union Square, where six cosplaying Colonel Sanders Statues will be holding court. ‘The Colonel of Two Worlds’ is also available to download free at and


About ‘The Colonel of Two Worlds’

When a new Colonel from Earth-3 threatens to tarnish the good name of everyone's favorite chicken chef, it's up to Colonel Sanders and The Flash to set things right! 

  • Writer - Tony Bedard
  • Penciler - Tom Derenick
  • Inker - Trevor Scott
  • Colorist - Hi-Fi
  • Cover - Tom Grummett

Main DC Comics characters: The Flash, Green Lantern, Mirror Master, Captain Cold

Cameo DC Comics characters: The Crime Syndicate (Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Johnny Quick and Power Ring)

Kentucky Fried Chicken characters:  Colonel Harland Sanders