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One Perfect Panel: From the Academy to the Asylum

One Perfect Panel: From the Academy to the Asylum

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

One Perfect Panel is a recurring feature that identifies and examines noteworthy comic book panels, presenting them for your appreciation and discussion. Some of these panels will be epic in scale, while others will be quiet character beats, but all will be masterful in composition and impact.

From Gotham Academy #12
Pencils by Karl Kerschl
Colors by Serge Lapointe and MSASSYK

Since Gotham Academy’s debut last year, Karl Kerschl’s magnificent work has brought the world of Olive, Maps, Kyle and the rest of the students of Gotham Academy to vivid life. With influences drawn from the world of animation, Kerschl’s pages resonate with a warmth and vibrancy that’s rarely seen in the traditionally dark world of Gotham. It’s a warmth that’s present even when the subject being drawn is Arkham Asylum, as seen in this splash panel from GOTHAM ACADEMY #12. Here we see the crew parked outside the famous—and famously intimidating—front gate. Of course, we’d be lax if we didn’t also acknowledge the gorgeous color work by Serge Lapointe and MSASSYK all throughout the series. It fills in crucial details such as the dust and tail light glow in the foreground, as well as the slightly ominous sunset.

Sadly, issue #12 is Kerschl’s final issue as Gotham Academy artist. He’ll be missed.

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