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The Flash: A Year of #DCTV Secrets

The Flash: A Year of #DCTV Secrets

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

The secret’s out! The first place to go after watching The Flash is to learn about that episode’s twists and ties to the comics.

If you follow DC Comics on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or are just a regular reader of the DC Comics blog, you’ve likely noticed our #DCTV Secrets posts. These brief little articles go live here on after new episodes of our TV shows, and point out and elaborate on some of the “secrets” hidden within. These “secrets” could be the introduction of a new character, place or object from DC’s comic book universe (such as last week’s introduction of Wally West) or a nifty little Easter Egg (like last season's Hal Jordan tease).

Of course, we’re putting the word “secrets” in quotes here because they won’t be secrets at all for many of you. But for any viewers who aren’t regular comic book readers, along with those of you who enjoy seeing these intriguing ties to the DCU rounded up in one place, we invite you to drop by as we list off each week’s new treats.

You can check out all of our #DCTV Secrets posts for The Flash below. If you missed any of them, now’s your chance to get caught up before Barry and his team returns on January 19th. Also, as a bonus for our regular readers, we’ve added one new #DCTV Secrets post for Season 2. Be sure to check out our new article about Episode 2.3, “Family of Rogues.” Or just click here to be taken directly to it.

As always, feel free to discuss any of these below in the comments, or hop on Twitter and use the #DCTV hashtag to carry on the conversation there. See you on the 19th, Flash fans!