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Arrow: A Year of #DCTV Secrets

Arrow: A Year of #DCTV Secrets

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Make sure your shots aren’t in the dark! The first place to go after watching Arrow is to learn about that episode’s twists and ties to the comics.

If Ollie were here, we’re pretty sure he’d tell us that no good can come from keeping secrets. That’s why every Wednesday night after a new episode of Arrow, we unpack any intriguing tidbits that might have been revealed that night in a little feature we call #DCTV Secrets. These “secrets” aren’t really things you’re not supposed to know. Rather, they’re elements drawn directly from the many years of comic book continuity that serve as the basis of the show. If you’re not a regular comic book reader, you might not notice all of them.

For example, did you catch Curtis Holt’s subtle reference to a T-Sphere earlier this season? Or what about last season’s nod to everyone’s favorite Blue Lantern? Well, if you missed them, fear not. We’ve flagged them for you, along with dozens of other characters, places, objects and references.

You can check out all of our #DCTV posts for Arrow below (note that we only started doing this with Season 3, so you won’t find any for Seasons 1 or 2). If you missed any of them, now’s your chance to get caught up before the show returns on January 20th. Plus, we have a few new Secrets to spill to you. Check out our new articles about the first three episodes of Season 3. They were just published today. You can find them in the carousel below.

Have something to say? You’re welcome to say it in the comments below, or hop on Twitter and use the #DCTV hashtag to carry on the conversation there. Also, if you're a Flash fan, we have plenty of #DCTV Secrets about the Scarlet Speedster to share with you as well. Click here to check them out.