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First Look: Wonder Woman Goes to War

First Look: Wonder Woman Goes to War

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

All’s fair in love and war, but rarely are the two so intertwined as they are in THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN, the buzzworthy new digital first series that offers fans a vastly different take on Diana’s life care of acclaimed fantasy writer and artist Renae de Liz with inks and colors by Ray Dillon. In tomorrow’s Chapter 15, Diana discovers a way she can join the war effort overseas—by becoming a nurse. But is working as a healer a good fit for an Amazonian princess trained in the ways of war? And is it just us, or does Steve Trevor seem like he’s recalling an awful lot for someone who’s not supposed to remember anything from his time on Themyscira? is please to provide this exclusive first look at tomorrow’s new digital chapter. Enjoy and be sure to grab THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN #15 at your favorite digital retailer tomorrow.


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Note: The preview's numbering of issue #5 corresponds to the print issue that this digital chapter will eventually appear in.