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The #DCTV Secrets of DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: Ep. 5 "Fail-Safe"

The #DCTV Secrets of DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: Ep. 5...

By Amy Ratcliffe Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Rip Hunter has assembled a team to stop Vandal Savage, but Savage's location isn't the only secret in the series. We're here to tease you with the #DCTV Secrets hiding in each episode. If you want to know some of the answers to these questions, jump to the spoiler section for answers... no time travel required.

We'll share the secrets, no dicey partnerships required.

Part of the Legends team is trapped inside the Koshmar Gulag, and it's up to Snart to lead an extraction mission. They have to make a questionable alliance to get past the secured gates, and Rip gives Sara a secret mission in case everything goes awry. He really hasn't learned his lessons about secrets, has he? We could teach him a thing or two because we're going to share more information about the following:

  • Another visit to the Koshmar Gulag
  • Making an escape
  • A different Soviet Firestorm
  • Smoak in charge
  • An unexpected vigilante

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Stop traveling into the future now if you don't want to know more. But you know you want to keep going.





Not the Kind of Place You Want to Get Stuck

Stein, Ray, and Heat Wave find themselves imprisoned in a gulag prison. Of course, it's not just any Russian prison, it's the Koshmar Gulag. This isn't the first time we've dropped into what's known as the Nightmare Gulag. Lyla got trapped there in season two of Arrow after she broke in. John infiltrated the facility and extracted her with the help of Oliver and Felicity.

Turning to an Expert

Captain Cold runs point on rescuing Heat Wave, Ray, and Stein from the dreary confines of the Koshmar Gulag. It's a fitting choice considering Wentworth Miller also starred in Fox's Prison Break.

Swipe Left and Find a Different Match

Valentina Vostok takes it upon herself to merge with Stein to create a dangerous Soviet Firestorm. Such a character did exist in the comics, but in a different form. That Firestorm was physically a combination of Mikhail Arkadin, the Russian super hero known as Pozhar, and Ronnie Raymond, but controlled by the mind of Stein. Pozhar initially obtained his powers during the catastrophe at Chernobyl and merged with Ronnie during a nuclear explosion. Arkadin appeared on Legends last week. He was a soldier working in the same facility as Valentina.

Same Building, Different Name

Much to Ray's surprise, his building in Star City has a new name. In this future, it no longer bears the name of Palmer Technologies, but instead says "Smoak." Felicity has clearly made some changes.

Who's the Man in Green?

Oliver Queen isn't protecting Star City in 2046 – or if he is, he isn't alone. We're not ready to give away everything about this mysterious man just yet.

Huh… Maybe Rip Hunter is having a bad influence on us after all.

See you next week!