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The #DCTV Secrets of GOTHAM: Ep. 2.3 "The Last Laugh" (NEW!)

The #DCTV Secrets of GOTHAM: Ep. 2.3 "The Last Laugh...

By Kevin Mahadeo Friday, February 26th, 2016

There are a lot of secrets in the world of DC Comics and we know what they are. We’re here to tease you with all the #DCTV Secrets hiding in each episode. If you really want to know some of the answers to these questions, check out the spoiler section... if you dare.

A Magician Won't Reveal His Secrets, But We'll Reveal Gotham's!

The twisted punchline to this week's episode packed quite a wallop viewers did not see coming—but that didn't stop us for searching for the secrets hidden in this week's episode! Here's the #DCTV Secrets we found while watching someone get the last laugh.

  • Who is Deputy Mayor Kane?

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Don’t go any further if you don’t want to know any more.  But of course you do and you will.





The Kanes and Gotham

Poor Deputy Mayor Harrison Kane may not have a direct comic book counterpart—however, the name Kane holds major significance both inside and outside the Batman comics. Artist Bob Kane created the Dark Knight and drew his first appearance in DETECTIVE COMICS #27, while the Kanes are one of Gotham City's most wealthy and well-known families, right up there with the Waynes. In fact, Kate Kane eventually adopts the identity of Batwoman.

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