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Supergirl, Deathstroke and Blue Beetle Roll Out New Playlists

Supergirl, Deathstroke and Blue Beetle Roll Out New...

By Tim Beedle Monday, August 29th, 2016

In some of our recent comics, Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes started collaborating with tech entrepreneur Ted Kord, Deathstroke found himself reteaming with his old friend Wintergreen and Supergirl joined the D.E.O. Why? Because a good hero recognizes that having support can make them even better.

That’s why we’ve been working with our creative talent this summer to come up with playlists for many of our Rebirth books—because the right music can perfectly support a great comic book and make it even better. It doesn’t matter if the hero is a youthful Kryptonian, an amoral assassin or a teenager who has been granted power he doesn’t understand. A good set of songs can enhance a great story by setting mood, accentuating action and giving you an idea of what motivated the writers and artists while they were working.

As for which writers and artists we’re referring to, penciller Carlo Pagulayan and inker Jason Paz have provided DEATHSTROKE with a surprisingly diverse playlist, SUPERGIRL’s thoughtful list comes courtesy of writer Steve Orlando, penciller Emanuela Lupacchino and inker Ray McCarthy and BLUE BEETLE goes hard rock in a full-throttle list by artist Scott Kolins. You can find links to all three playlists below, along with a brief Q&A with the Supergirl and Deathstroke teams about their lists.

Supergirl: Rebirth – Curated by Steve Orlando, Emanuela Lupacchino and Ray McCarthy

Are there any bands or artists that inspired you?

Steve Orlando (writer): Yeah! Absolutely! I find a lot of the utopian optimism of The Flaming Lips coming into my work on Supergirl, as you may have seen. But also a lot of Marina and the Diamonds, with her perspective on the music industry and Hollywood informing my take on Kara’s status as a strange visitor from another planet.

Ray McCarthy (inker): I know this is going to sound strange, but when I'm wide awake and ready to go, I really want music that reflects that while I work, so I will go for dance or hard rock. (When I'm just in a groove, I go for straight instrumentals.) Also, it may sound corny, but every once in a while, I will break out the original Superman theme by John Williams. To this day, I still get a charge listening to that song!

What song or artist should fans listen to when they read Supergirl: Rebirth?

Steve: To me, the work of Ludwig Göransson on the Creed soundtrack is a perfect match for Supergirl. It’s bold, it’s primal, it’s inspiring, and it’s all about never giving up the fight no matter who tells you that you have to. And to me, that’s Supergirl.

What kind of music would Supergirl listen to?

Steve: That is a good question! I think Supergirl wouldn’t focus on one type of music, to be honest, but rather actively search out a diversity of what she listens to. Just as food is a great initial entry point into a new culture, so too is music. And so as Supergirl attempts to become a citizen of Earth, and learn all she can in all its nuance about our myriad of world cultures, she would want to experience all their music throughout history as a way to feel what the world was going through in times contemporary with the sound. And with super hearing, and super speed, all the music in history is realistically consumable to her.

Ray: "Starfish and Coffee" by Prince. The theme of that song fits well, in that it celebrates people that are different.

Deathstroke: Rebirth – Curated by Carlo Pagulayan and Jason Paz

Are there any bands or artists that inspired you?

Carlo Pagulayan (penciller): I'm stuck in the late 90s so my mix is largely dominated by Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, Nirvana... But there is, of course, an occasional Gnarls Barkley, Evanescence, Gorillaz. I got recently introduced to Florence and the Machine.

I particularly enjoy Green Day's “21 Guns,” especially the American Idiot cast version. I always have that on my list along with “Void of a Legend” by Antoinette Costa and Kevin Olusula. And of course the usual movie soundtracks, from Man of Steel and Pacific Rim... and soon some choice tracks from BvS.

Jason Paz (inker): I'm stuck, too, with bands I used to listen to during high school and college: Third Eye Blind, Foo Fighters, Korn, Oasis and Staind. 

What song or artist should fans listen to when they read Deathstroke: Rebirth?

Carlo: Not really sure who I can recommend while reading, but for the mood of the book, a good serious movie soundtrack will do. If a band…maybe some of the more moody Metallica or Staind songs would work for me.

Jason: There's this time I received the lettering proof pdf (not colored) of Deathstroke: Rebirth from our editor Alex, and as I'm starting to check it out, the song “For You” by Staind played in the background. I think the song fits with the first pages of Deathstroke: Rebirth, with Slade's relationship with his kids Grant and Joey.

What kind of music would Deathstroke listen to?

Jason: Hmm… Metallica, AC/DC, Rolling Stones and Queen, maybe?

Carlo: I think it would be funny if he listens to Beethoven or Bach or some classical while doing mercenary work, timing the crescendoes with screams and explosions.

To me, he's just too serious and uptight to enjoy rock and roll or alternative. Hahaha!

Blue Beetle: Rebirth – Curated by Scott Kolins

These three lists are just the latest in a long series of playlists inspired by our current line of comics. You can find them all, along with our weekly Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary playlists, at the official DC Spotify Profile. Be sure to give it a follow!