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This Just Happened: A New 'Squad' for the DC Bombshells!

This Just Happened: A New 'Squad' for the DC...

By Nicole Valdez Friday, September 2nd, 2016

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t been reading DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS and don’t want to know what happens, stop reading this post now (spoilers ahead!)

In this week’s special annual of DC Comics Bombshells, it’s a double feature on the origin of the Batgirl! It’s 1941 and Killer Croc is in search of something hidden in the bayou of Louisiana. He approaches Belle Reve Manor House ready to attack but then is attacked by non other than the Bloody Batgirl!

Meanwhile at West Point, Commander Waller is meeting with a young Second Lieutenant with a special ability to gather information and an aptitude for finding lost things—her name is Frankie Charles. And now Lt. Charles has been recruited to a higher purpose as one of the Bombshells! Her first task: Find Barbara Gordon.

As the story goes, Barbara Gordon grew up in the beautiful French countryside, and when World War I began, found a useful talent for her brilliant mind and daredevil attitude. Finding it her duty to defend her country in which she became the infamous Batgirl! As an ace pilot she flew the sky with her comrades, while the soldiers sang songs about the legendary belle.

In the midst of war and violence, Batgirl fell in love with a fox—a German pilot named Luc. Together they fought for France, with Luc Fuchs betraying his country, and then began to fly operations for Waller. Then, one day, Luc vanished. Batgirl was driven mad, convinced something could bring him back and following rumors to Louisiana, where she vanished.

Frankie heads to the mysterious Belle Reve Manor House in hopes to retrieve Batgirl and return her to Waller, but soon finds that her visit was not unexpected. Enchantress, Ravager and Batgirl have been awaiting her arrival but they are not what they seem.

A Witch. A Seer. A Vampire!

Even with Frankie’s skills, she is captured and sent to a dungeon where she soon comes across Killer Croc. He fills her in on the coven, and the prophecy that keeps them from deserting this house. She quickly discovers a door to the sisters’ vault and manages to break in where she discovers a prophecy and other items that might just change their minds.

Frankie breaks out of the dungeon and reveals that Batgirl’s long-lost love Luc is still alive! And the prophecy that has kept the sisters bound to the house is incomplete. As she swears to help them fulfill their prophecy, Frankie has a new solution for this magical team.

Then this just happened:

Introducing the Bombshells’ newest tactical team: THE SUICIDE SQUAD!

Pick up the latest issue for yourself from writer Marguerite Bennett with art by Elsa Charretier, colors by Hi-Fi and letters by West Abbott in this week’s DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS ANNUAL #1!