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The Perfect Batman Day Soundtrack...As Chosen by You!

The Perfect Batman Day Soundtrack...As Chosen by You!

By Tim Beedle Friday, September 16th, 2016


What song comes to mind when you think of Batman? Is it the theme to one of his movies? The animated series? Or is there a song by your favorite band that just fits the Dark Knight perfectly?

Earlier this week, we asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to suggest some songs for the perfect Batman Day playlist, and the selections were almost as wild as the Dark Knight himself. Songs like “My Hero” (naturally), “Back in Black” (clever), “Scar Tissue” (interesting) and “Disturbia” (huh?) made the cut, along with plenty of his unforgettable themes.

The final list was 74 songs long, and is available to stream on the DC Spotify Profile. It’s the perfect way to pump yourself up and get ready for Batman Day on Saturday. And if you wind up dancing along to it while wearing a cape and cowl…well, we won’t tell anybody.

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