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Supergirl: The First Rule of Alien Fight Club...

Supergirl: The First Rule of Alien Fight Club...

By Amy Ratcliffe Monday, October 31st, 2016

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Alien fight club. Roulette. Miss Martian's secret—we have a lot of ground to cover in "Survivors." But before I get into those awesome aspects of the latest Supergirl, we need to talk about Snapper Carr. Look, I don't like the guy. He's gruff, mean, and often condescending. I don't think he's someone with a soft and gooey center. However, his prickly attitude doesn't make him wrong.

Snapper seems to be all over Kara's copy, but he should be. First of all, Kara literally just decided to become a reporter. As her boss, Snapper should be critical in order to help her improve. Secondly, he's giving her Journalism 101 tips. In this day and age, I think those guiding rules have become especially muddled because many readers and outlets want opinions in addition to the facts. I've been taking note of Snapper's instructions. Even when he stepped all over James, he was using his knowledge and experience to make a point. He could and should have been nicer about it, but I believe he has more knowledge than James in the newsroom.

Okay. Those important notes aside, let's discuss M'gann. J'onn was understandably excited about having another Green Martian around, but he was maybe overeager. It's like when you meet someone you really like and want to be friends with, but you ask about hanging out too soon and they unfollow you on social media... That's happened to other people, right?

My point being there's an evolution that has to happen in any relationship, platonic or otherwise, to get to the next step, and J'onn skipped ahead. He asked to bond with her, which to Martians means sharing everything psychically. I don't know if this is accurate, but I imagine it's like drifting with someone a la the Jaeger pilots in Pacific Rim. Besides communicating telepathically, bonding means you get to see the other person's thoughts and memories. Too soon, J'onn! M'gann panicked and withdrew.

Of course, it turns out she's hiding secrets. She's part of an alien fight club; that's a slight hiccup. She's also actually a White Martian; that's more than a slight hiccup. Surprise! We know J'onn isn't a fan of White Martians, and given his history, you can't blame him. This will test his forgiveness to the max, after M'gann's already sort of harmed their budding connection by participating in fight club (terrible idea, but what a cool set!).

The White Martian reveal put her guilt into another context. J'onn figured out M'gann was fighting because she thought it was a way to pay penance for surviving when so many other Green Martians died (so many means all of them). But she's carrying around guilt because her race was responsible for the genocide of another. She's likely ashamed of what and who she is and thought the fight club was a way to punish herself for genetics.

Aww. When the truth comes out—because these sorts of things always have a way of revealing themselves—I hope J'onn takes the lesson about acceptance from last week’s episode to heart and becomes a father figure to M'gann. As the last of the Green Martians (as far as we know), M'gann could see J'onn as the only one who can offer the branch of forgiveness. Kara has Mon-El as an alien pal now, and it would do J'onn good to have someone like M'gann.

Now, it's #DCTV Secret time.

The most obvious connection to comics in "Survivors" is M'gann M'orzz. She's a relatively new character. M'gann was introduced in 2006's TEEN TITANS #37. Known as Megan Morse and Miss Martian, she joined the Teen Titans and enhanced the team with her powers. She possessed many abilities like Martian Manhunter's—superhuman strength and endurance, shapeshifting, and telepathy. Like we saw in the show, M'gann was a White Martian hiding in a Green Martian body. She came to Earth with her parents and other White Martians as refugees looking for escape from the war on Mars.

Then there was Roulette. The alien fight club ringmaster Roulette first appeared in JSA SECRET FILES #2. She showed exceptional talent at calculating odds and surrounded herself with a talented defense team since as the proprietor of a superhuman gladiatorial arena, she has to keep herself protected. In the comics, she forced super heroes to fight at her casino, which was called "The House." She captured heroes and let super-villains bet on the battles. The dress and tattoos worn by Dichen Lachman on the screen were almost identical to Roulette's usual look in the comics.

And one more quick #DCTV Secret: Roulette gave Supergirl a nickname when she ended up in the fighting ring: Maid of Might. It's a name that has been used throughout her comic book history.

Head to the comments and tell me about the other #DCTV Secrets you might have noticed in the episode.

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