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This Just Happened: Jon Kent Gut Punches Damian Wayne!

This Just Happened: Jon Kent Gut Punches Damian Wayne!

By Tim Beedle Friday, November 4th, 2016

SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains spoilers from this week’s issue of SUPERMAN.

Kids. They always manage to surprise you. Often, it’s with their rambunctious curiosity or their innocent worldview. Occasionally, it’s with their impressive levels of understanding. And sometimes, it’s by gut punching another child super hero and starting a pint-sized, power-packed baby brawl!

In this week’s SUPERMAN #10, the offspring of the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight found themselves on a literal collision course when Damian Wayne sent his friend and sometimes partner Maya to Jon Kent’s school to keep an eye on the newly emerged Superboy. Unfortunately, after a mishap with his powers almost resulted in Jon causing a wildfire, Maya was forced to whisk Jon away to the Batcave where he found himself face-to-sneering-face with the current Robin. They were quickly joined by Damian’s father, Batman, who told his son to release Superboy at once. Why? Because he knows that Superman is on his way, and when the Man of Steel angrily arrives, the two heroes nearly come to blows.

Jon’s ice wall…ahem…helps cool things down and Bruce eventually offers to scan Jon’s blood to make sure it’s free from abnormalities. Superman agrees and the two share a quiet discussion about fatherhood as Alfred and Damian show Jon some of Damian’s pets. It seemed as if both fathers and sons had reached a quick truce. That is until the dependably volatile Damian insults Jon over the trouble Superboy has been having controlling his emerging powers.

We knew something was going to happen between the two super sons. But we didn’t expect this!

Superboy gut-punched Robin! I don’t care how tough the pint-sized assassin is, that’s got to hurt! But it didn't stop there. Damian got in a few good licks of his own before the whole thing was broken up by their dads... 

Looks like Damian and Jon are in for the World’s Finest punishment! Place your bets as to what awaits them down below in the comments, and don’t miss the next part of this family driven story on November 16th!