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Supergirl: A Couch Club Crossover

Supergirl: A Couch Club Crossover

By DCE Editorial Monday, November 28th, 2016

The #DCTV Couch Club is a team of DC fans dedicated to exploring the shared universe of The CW’s Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Look for new Couch Club posts here on after every new episode!

This week, the #DCTV Couch Club is doing something a little different. Since the four CW shows are crossing over, we decided to have our club of #DCTV fans cross over as well. Therefore, each new Couch Club post this week will feature all four members of the club discussing that night’s episode of the crossover. In addition, each Couch Club member has also shot a video sharing their individual thoughts about the crossover. Look for those to go live on the DC Fans YouTube channel the morning after each new episode.

The CW four-part crossover event got started tonight with a powerful episode of Supergirl that found Kara facing a harsh truth about her father while battling Cadmus and the ruthless Cyborg Superman. However, it was the last segment of the show, featuring Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon from The Flash, that really got the club buzzing…

Tonight’s episode of Supergirl was something of a prologue to this week's crossover. So, what did you think of it? Amy, you're probably the most familiar with the show...

Amy Ratcliffe (Supergirl): “Medusa” brought several exciting elements into play. Cadmus tried to wipe out all the aliens in National City with a virus created by…insert drum roll here…Kara’s father. She and Lena both wrestled with their legacies and being disillusioned about their parents.

I admit, I was a little concerned Lena was turning rogue, but I should have had more faith in her. She’s really becoming an ally for Supergirl, and it’s a friendship I want to see more of as the season progresses.

Matt Ross (Arrow): This was actually my first Supergirl episode. I’m a big fan of Martian Manhunter (such a cerebral and wise character) and Hank Henshaw (a true tragic figure), so I enjoyed the episode! Although, to be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about Cyborg Superman’s look...I need to see him suited up with a partial face and half robotic body!

How fun is it seeing Barry back in Kara’s world, even for just a little bit?

Amy: Barry and Kara have the most delightful chemistry, so I’ll take any amount of time with them together on scene. Their personalities complement each other so well. They only spent a short amount of time together in season one of Supergirl, but it was enough for Kara to trust him—she didn’t hesitate when he asked for help, even if Barry didn’t fully explain the problem. I also positively adored Cisco and Kara’s first interaction. Oh man, I hope Cisco and Winn get to meet someday because how much fun would that be?

Ashley V. Robinson (The Flash): The best! Also, the comments on the size of Kara’s apartment were so on point!

Meg Downey (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow): Kara and Barry are both bringing out the absolute best in one another, so seeing them interact is like superheroic comfort food to me. I mean, I like gritty, angsty heroes as much as the next person, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you just need some walking, talking sunshine.

And I’m with Amy on wanting to see Winn and Cisco team up—I don’t know if they would immediately become best friends or if they would just be too similar and clash with one another, but either way, I’m totally down for it.

The “Invasion” crossover event takes place on Barry and Ollie’s Earth, but do you think it would be fun to see a four-show crossover that’s set on Kara’s world?

Matt: Honestly, I think it would be cool if they all existed on the same Earth and used the Multiversity (different Earths) concept to incorporate more obscure characters from the DC Universe. I guess the beauty of it is that they can totally go that route if they want because the Multiverse literally offers endless possibilities.

Amy: Can you imagine Oliver coming to an Earth where Superman exists? It’s tricky because Kara and her cousin are presumably powerful enough to handle whatever trouble comes to their Earth, especially considering they have other superpowered individuals like J’onn and Mon-El on their team, but one of these days, they’ll have to face something beyond their skills. I’d be into the idea of everyone coming to National City just for the reactions to Superman.

Meg: I feel like Barry and Clark would instantly get along, but tossing Ollie into that scenario would be like throwing a cat into a bathtub...which means, of course, I absolutely want to see it. (Sorry, Ollie.)

In a strange way I think it could be really cathartic for a lot of the people struggling with their metahuman abilities on Barry and Ollie’s Earth to visit Kara and see the super hero population there, especially since many of them have abilities that are just innate to them and their biology, whereas the metahumans on Barry and Ollie’s Earth got their powers through some pretty traumatic experiences. It would be really cool and interesting to see the way different points of origin affect a person’s capacity for heroics side-by-side, you know?

Also, like Amy was saying, the threats on Kara’s world are pretty inherently different than the threats that Team Flash and Team Arrow are well practiced in handling, which could either give them an advantage or cause a big problem and I’d love to see how those chips fall.

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