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This Just Happened: War Comes to Wonder Woman

This Just Happened: War Comes to Wonder Woman

By Tim Beedle Friday, December 16th, 2016

SPOILER ALERT: The below article contains major spoilers from this week’s new issue of Wonder Woman.

It’s been Diana who’s been in wonder through much of “Year One,” the Greg Rucka/Nicola Scott storyline that continues in this week’s WONDER WOMAN #12. Ever since she arrived in the world of man, the Amazonian princess has been astounded by what our world has to offer…as well as shocked by the violence mankind is capable of. After working with Steve Trevor and Etta Candy to subdue a terrorist attack, Diana tests her newly acquired abilities as Steve’s superiors look for answers about the incident.

Steve watches in astonishment while Diana deflects bullets, lifts an Abrams tank and talks to animals. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he finds himself drawn to this mysterious young woman, and the two of them share a tender moment…

But this moment of peace is not to last. When Wonder Woman uses her lasso—the Golden Perfect—to draw the truth out of the surviving terrorists, it’s discovered that they were under the influence of a frightening bioweapon that makes its victims lash out and kill anyone around them. The chemical agent was based on Soviet-era combat drugs, but who would synthesize such a destructive new version?

The answer lies within the Sear Group, the terrorist agency that has claimed responsibility. Literally.

Other than the ominous-looking tree that many members of the organization have tattooed on them, little is known about the Sear Group and what they want. That is, until archeologist and linguist Barbara Ann Minerva discovers a clue that was hidden right in front of them.

Ares, the Greek god of war and classic Wonder Woman adversary, has arrived! This is our first glimpse of the malevolent god since the start of Rebirth and he looks more powerful than ever. Diana may possess the gifts bestowed on her by her patrons, but she’s still largely untested in actual combat. How can she possibly fight a god?

We’ll find out when “Year One” concludes on January 11, 2017!