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This Just Happened: The Justice League is Put on Ice

This Just Happened: The Justice League is Put on Ice

By Tim Beedle Friday, December 30th, 2016

SPOILER ALERT: The below feature contains major spoilers from this week’s issue of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. Don’t scroll any further if you still haven’t read it!

We knew it was coming. It’s right there in the title. But we sure didn’t expect the battle royale that took place through much of this week’s JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD #2 to end the way it did!

To say the Suicide Squad is a little outmatched against the Justice League is putting it mildly, and the Squad realizes it. No member of Amanda Waller’s task force expects to defeat the League. Their goal is simply to survive against them until Rick Flag can evac them off the island of Badhnisia. What they must avoid, per Waller, is getting captured. If that happens, it’s bye-bye head.

A few Justice Leaguers are already familiar with some of their opponents. The Flash squares off against Captain Boomerang. Batman finds himself trading batarangs for bullets with Deadshot. But others wind up facing someone new, which doesn’t always go so well for our heroes…

And then there’s Aquaman and Killer Croc. Croc seems to share some history with the King of Atlantis that Arthur doesn’t remember. But it’s hard to imagine he’ll forget this week’s run-in anytime soon.

The villains of Task Force X certainly get their punches in, but let’s be real. This is the Justice League.  Eventually, the Squad members go down, one-by-one. It’s looking pretty bad for the boys (and girls) from Belle Reve. Waller isn’t pleased and Flag is still nowhere to be seen. But what’s this? Killer Frost, the newest member of the Suicide Squad, finds herself face to face with a fallen Superman, and well…this just happened!

Caitlin Snow put the entire League on ice! By herself! (We didn’t know she could do that either.) Now in the hands of Waller, the Justice League’s fate is unclear, but you’d better believe we’ll learn more when Justice League vs. Suicide Squad continues next week. Or is that next year? Actually, it’s next week AND next year! See you in 2017, DC fans!