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Conversation with Warren Ellis About THE WILD STORM

Conversation with Warren Ellis About THE WILD STORM

By DCE Editorial Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Acclaimed comic book writer and novelist Warren Ellis has recently returned to DC to work on the characters that made him a household name among comic book fans. He has curated a new pop-up imprint called WildStorm and is authoring the imprint's first title, a complex, sophisticate thriller called THE WILD STORM, which also features art by Jon Davis-Hunt (Vertigo’s CLEAN ROOM). This ongoing series will reset the known WildStorm universe and introduce new iterations of WildStorm characters, such as Grifter, Voodoo, the Engineer, Jenny Sparks and others.

We sat down with Ellis and asked him a few questions about his project:

How does THE WILD STORM differ from your earlier critically acclaimed, best-selling work on STORM WATCH and THE AUTHORITY?

I knew I wanted to preserve the themes from the original work by Jim and his friends—their fascinations with conspiracy theories and black ops, for instance. But that meant looking at the conspiracy theory landscape of today, so there was a lot of research on, for example, the current state of UFOlogy and the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Additionally, I'm also taking a more novelistic approach. Every six issues is a short book, and THE WILD STORM is a four-book series—24 issues/chapters.

You could have picked any artist. What made Jon Davis-Hunt the right one for this project?

That clean line, its modern feeling, his attention to acting and body language as well as his attention to detail and environment. Kieron Gillen showed me his work, and my first reaction was, "That's the artist." And I was right, too.

Do you need to have read any earlier stories to understand THE WILD STORM?

No. Not at all. I knew from the start that this would have to be a clean beginning, and we're all entering at the ground level.

THE WILD STORM is a unique combination of cosmic paranoia and paramilitary conspiracy for the post-political-space madness we find ourselves in today, featuring characters from the past with a fresh twist that will have fans both new and old excited for Ellis’ next futuristic saga.

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