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This Just Happened: The World's Teeniest Threat!

This Just Happened: The World's Teeniest Threat!

By Tim Beedle Friday, September 1st, 2017

SPOILER ALERT: The below feature contains major spoilers from this week’s issue of Justice League of America. Don’t scroll any lower if you still haven’t read it!

Danger looms large in this week’s issue of Justice League of America.

…Actually, scratch that. Reverse it. It doesn’t loom large at all. As a matter of fact, the DCU’s other Justice League may just be dealing with the world’s teeniest, tiniest threat!

In JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #13 by Steve Orlando and Ivan Reis, Ryan Choi’s Atom has convinced Batman, Lobo and Killer Frost to accompany him into the mysterious Microverse to rescue Ryan’s mentor—the original Atom, Ray Palmer. After barely surviving the journey, the team finds themselves shrunk down to beyond the subatomic level…and with no ready way to get back. However, they find their first clue when they’re confronted by a stranger wearing Ray Palmer’s bio-belt.

Her name is Preon and she claims the belt was a gift from Dr. Palmer. Preon was working alongside Palmer and someone named Aron Aut, who has become Palmer’s new partner. The three had been working to reverse the destruction that’s occurring throughout the Microverse.

Preon takes the JLA to Moz-Ga, a sentient world capable of thinking and speaking. Moz-Ga’s words are said to perform miracles, but the planet has been silent for a thousand years. Of course, that hasn’t stopped hundreds of thousands of desperate beings from coming to Moz-Ga in hopes of having a miracle performed for them that can restore their families, loved ones or in many cases, entire world. Dr. Palmer had tried to get Moz-Ga to speak and save the Microverse…and failed. This led to him and Preon heading toward the unmapped region of the Microverse.

Or so Preon claims. As we soon found out, she may not be the most trustworthy of sources…

Has everything Preon’s told the team been a lie? Or is this new character, a man who was supposedly working with Ray Palmer, the one who can’t be trusted? Batman, Atom, Killer Frost and Lobo don’t have much of a chance to consider it as just then a quantum storm strikes the gathering. There’s not much anyone can do except run from the destructive lightning, which rewrites time and space around everything it strikes.

Does that include Lobo? Let’s hope not, as the bounty hunter is unable to avoid the wrath of the storm and is violently struck by lightning. However, as Lobo suffers, two of our other heroes make a desperate confession to each other. It’s one that not only has the potential to change their relationship forever, but also, just possibly…hey, here’s hoping…get Moz-Ga to cough up that miracle they need to save themselves and the rest of the Microverse.

Look, we never thought about Ryan Choi and Caitlin Snow as a couple, but NOW THAT’S ALL WE CAN THINK ABOUT, OKAY?!? Of course, this relationship could be over before it even has a chance to begin if Ryan doesn’t succeed in shrinking down even smaller and persuading Moz-Ga to start talking again.

Wait…how do we even know Moz-Ga speaks English? Preon never said what language those words of his were in. They could be in some sort of alien language, or a language that’s not even perceptible to humans! Maybe Ryan should have thought this one through a little more…

We’ll have to wait until Justice League of America continues on September 13th to know for sure!