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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Nothing Says "Halloween" Like the '80s

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Nothing Says "Halloween...

By Meg Downey Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

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Alright, we've got a lot to get through this week, Legends fans, but before we can do anything, we have to acknowledge the most important thing to happen this week.

How cute was baby Ray?!?!

Oh my god. We've run into child versions of the team before, of course, but this one? This one. What a precious little nerd with great taste in classic movies.

...And listen, if I'm being totally honest here, baby Gumball was pretty cute too, in a horror movie kind of way.

You don't need me to explain that the Dominators are telepathic alien invaders, but I will remind you—just in case you somehow missed last season's massive four-part Arrow, Legends, Supergirl and Flash crossover event—that we've seen them before. We've seen them in a pretty major way. Avoiding a full scale invasion the first time around took the combined effort of just about every #DCTV hero and a fair amount of time traveling, so…well, you get the idea. The Legends had every right to be terrified of this particular anachronism.

Now, for as heartwarming (or...troubling) as Ray's childhood was for all parties involved this time around, this episode did make me realize that these anachronisms can really be, well, anything. I can honestly say I didn't expect to see the Dominators make a return anytime soon, especially not in this particular context, which now makes me wonder: Who or what else might show back up down the line?

Do you have any favorite (or least favorite) friends or foes you'd want to see crop up as an anachronism in the future? If you do, please tell me about it in the comments below. Personally? I'm always rooting for more Captain Cold, however I can get it. I don't quite know how he'd work as an anachronism, but hey, if Caesar can be one, why can't Leonard Snart?

Anyway, anachronisms are one thing, but it looks like the team might be facing some even bigger problems down the line.

Lily Stein has officially had her baby and...everything seems pretty normal? I know I've been in the intense conspiracy theory corner that somehow Lily's baby is going to turn out to be evil, maybe even Mallus, sometime in the future. But I'll be the first to admit it—it doesn't look like that's about to be the case now.

If anything, it looks like the only "evil" Lily's baby is going to be doing is breaking up the team. Or, well, breaking up one specific member of the team.

So the question obviously becomes…if Dr. Stein wants out of the Legends for good, what does that mean for the Firestorm matrix?

Firestorm's history, both in TV and the comics, might have some clues for us. If you remember, the entire concept of Firestorm was actually introduced a few seasons back on The Flash, and Jax wasn't half of the equation. Originally, Firestorm was made of Dr. Stein and a man named Ronnie Raymond. Things ended tragically, but Jax was able to step in and stabilize the matrix to save Dr. Stein's life, and…well, you know the rest of that story.

So, obviously, Firestorm can be passed around from person to person. However, we don't know if someone can be "cured." Ronnie only stopped being one half of the equation when he was killed, so that's not a great sign for Dr. Stein's immediate future. However, Firestorm in the comics side of things has a pretty expansive and complicated history that's just full of stuff for the show to adapt, modify and lift, so I'm not without hope.

There are versions of comic book Firestorm that were permanently fused, and even versions that have been composed of more than two people! Neither of which sound like ideal solutions, but it's certainly a precedent that exists.

And before I let you go, did you catch that #DCTV Secret at the end of the episode? It might even count as a double #DCTV Secret this time around because not only was Zari wearing a costume that called back to her comic book counterpart, it was also a reference to the ’70s TV show The Shazam/Isis Hour. It was a real thing, I swear!

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