Exclusive Preview: GREEN ARROW ANNUAL #1

Exclusive Preview: GREEN ARROW ANNUAL #1

By DC Publicity Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

In this 5th week of November, in DC’s first oversized annual issue of GREEN ARROW, Oliver wakes up on Christmas morning to celebrate with friends…but things take a rocky turn.   

Count Vertigo is back in Seattle ready to mess with Oliver’s mind and send him on a journey into his own past and future. With this unexpected visit, the hidden secrets of GREEN ARROW are laid bare and the already tenuous bonds between Team Arrow are tested. Not to mention, the long-awaited returns of Shado, Diggle and the dark archer Merlyn.

Can team Arrow survive? Will Oliver stay out of his own head long enough to defeat the Count? Can Team Arrow survive yet another trying battle? Stay tuned for more from writer Ben Percy with art by Eleanor Carlini in GREEN ARROW ANNUAL #1


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