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First Look: Black Lightning Brings Thunder

First Look: Black Lightning Brings Thunder

By Tim Beedle Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Whenever you see Lightning, you know Thunder’s not far behind…

The Black Lightning series premiere may still be over a week away, but why wait till then to get excited? Today, The CW released the first image of Anissa Pierce (Nafessa Williams) suited up as Thunder.

A little context for those of you new to the world of Black Lightning. Anissa is the older daughter of Jefferson Pierce, who fights crime under the guise of Black Lightning. In the comics, Anissa discovers that she has the ability to increase her body’s mass without increasing her size, which makes her really dense and impenetrable. She can take a punch like it was nothing and can even make herself bulletproof. She also can create powerful shockwaves, which is where she derives her superhero name.

Intriguingly, Jefferson also has a second daughter, Jennifer Pierce, who develops superpowers of her own. Operating under the name of Lightning, Jennifer’s powers are much closer to her father’s. However, we’re yet to see Jennifer in a similar suit. That doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t get there eventually, though…

When Black Lightning was first announced, fans were wondering if we’d eventually see Thunder and Lightning on the show. It seems we’re at least halfway there, and pretty early in the show's lifetime, proving that in the Pierce family, superheroics are definitely a family affair.

So what do you think? Are you excited for Black Lightning? Let us know your thoughts on Thunder below in the comments!