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First Look: The Flash Loses the Speed Force

First Look: The Flash Loses the Speed Force

By Tim Beedle Monday, February 26th, 2018

After a confrontation with Gorilla Grodd, Barry Allen finds himself without his super speed in this exclusive sneak peek at THE FLASH #41.

It’s good to slow down every now and again. Though maybe not when you’re the Flash and Gorilla Grodd is on the loose in Central City. After a frightening confrontation with the telepathic gorilla, who’s teamed up with Multiplex and the Negative Flash to steal the Speed Force from Barry, the Scarlet Speedster finds himself without his powers and without a clear idea of how he’ll get them back in THE FLASH #41.

Fortunately, there’s more than one Flash in the world. The original Wally West has had more than his share of experience with the Speed Force and understands it just as well as Barry. Even better, Wally’s being aided by both Kid Flash and Avery Ho. Of course, before they can work on restoring Barry’s speed, they’ll have to deal with Grodd. The despotic ruler of Gorilla City claims he’s dying. If that’s true, he’s likely more desperate than ever…and a desperate villain is a dangerous one.

Will Wally once again become the Flash of Central City? It’s too early to tell, but you can speculate all you’d like after you read our exclusive sneak peek!


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THE FLASH #41 by Joshua Williamson, Carlos D’Anda and Luis Guerrero is in stores this Wednesday.