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First Look: The World of the Seven Soldiers Turns Sideways

First Look: The World of the Seven Soldiers Turns Sideways

By Tim Beedle Monday, September 10th, 2018

The Seven Soldiers of Victory make an (almost) complete return as they recruit Derek James for a dangerous mission in this sneak peek at SIDEWAYS #8.

High school is a pretty crazy time for everybody. You never truly know what to expect. One moment you might be making your way to class, or fending off some bullies…the next you’re hanging in the Dark Multiverse with Frankenstein’s monster and someone who calls himself a “witch boy.”

Okay, maybe Derek James’ high school experience is a little wilder than the rest of ours. But then again, we weren’t high school superheroes. The dimension-hopping Sideways has been having a hard enough time dealing with the recent death of his mother and sudden responsibility that’s been placed on him after learning he could open rifts between dimensions. But when six of the Seven Soldiers show up at his high school asking for his help taking down the Sheeda in the Dark Multiverse, well, even an angst-filled adolescent can’t say no to that.

In this week’s SIDEWAYS #8, Derek journeys to the frightening realm that’s somehow responsible for his powers. The first step to defeating the Sheeda is finding the missing Manhattan Guardian. But things don’t go quite as planned. Sideways gets the team to the Dark Multiverse, but not to the Guardian. And worse than that, as we discover in this exclusive preview, he might not be able to get them back…


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SIDEWAYS #8 by Max Raynor, Trevor Scott and Dan DiDio is in stores this Wednesday.