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Bringing Barry to Belfast...and Beyond!

Bringing Barry to Belfast...and Beyond!

By Tiffany Smith Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Happy 2014! I am so glad to be back home and super giddy to get back to DC All Access, cause man, I have missed you guys and the whole team working on the show.  Sounds kinda cheesy, I know, but I can say it cause it’s true. :)

One of my favorite parts of doing the show—aside from getting to nerd out on comics with some of my favorite writers, artist, editors, actors and a guy who has quickly become my BBF, Big Bro Forever, Blair Herter—is connecting with all of the awesome peeps who watch the show and read the comics.

Over the holidays I was doing a bit of international travel in London and Belfast, and after reading all your kickass comments on YouTube and Twitter, I figured I couldn’t possibly go without taking a friend with me…Mr. Barry Allen.  You guys have been asking for some international love, so I took him on the adventure with me.

Along with way too many clothes and my Christmas iPad Mini fully stocked with every comic I could want to read, I brought The Flash action figure and a copy of one of my fav Flash stories, The Flash: Rebirth from Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver.

After doing a ton of exploring, including a few hours spent at the London Forbidden Planet, I figured it was time to leave some DC love in London before I headed off to my next city. I can pretty much chat with just about anyone and when that happens, it’s not long before comic talk comes up.

So, I am chatting away with a cab driver and come to find out his son is a HUGE DC Comics fan and watches All Access! As I was getting out of the cab, I handed him a brand spankin’ new copy of The Flash: Rebirth for him and his son to enjoy.

London fan encounter achievement unlocked!

Next stop, Belfast, and finding a good home for Barry himself! On my last trip to Belfast, I spent some quality time at the Forbidden Planet, so I knew we’d have some DC fans there for sure.  And as it turns out, I was right! 

I took Barry to see some of the most stunning Northern Ireland countryside, then to the Giant’s Causeway and finally to the Bushmills Distillery (because you know I love me some whiskey). The hashtag #BarryDoesBelfast was born, and a Flash fan was found! Self-proclaimed lovechild of Superman and Liam Neeson, Andrew Smith (@AndrewBrianS).  The look of sheer joy on his face when he ripped open the packaging was worth the trip! Haha!

Belfast fan encounter achievement unlocked!

Barry and I both made some amazing new friends (yeah, yeah, cheesy again, I know!!!), and now Andrew has been taking Barry on other adventures and posting pictures on Twitter too! 

Who knows where I will end up traveling to next. But as long as it’s got some DC fans, I have a feeling I’ll be bringing a “friend” along and that he or she will end up in an amazing new home traveling the world with an awesome DC All Access fan!  Here’s to the next adventure.

Andrew took Barry to the Alps! Even that snow can't slow him down!

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