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Camp Comic-Con: The Secret to SDCC Success

Camp Comic-Con: The Secret to SDCC Success

By Tiffany Smith Thursday, July 17th, 2014


Ahhhh, just saying the name brings joy to this girl's heart! Not only do the biggest names in comics—writers, artists, creators and editors—come down for it, but so do tons of the actors as well as TV and filmmakers that have brought so many of my most beloved characters to life! It's what I like to call Nerd Summer Camp.

When I was younger and went to sleep away camp, they always sent out a checklist of the things you needed to bring with you to have a successful experience. So with Comic-Con quickly approaching and it being my absolute favorite event of the year, I thought I would give you guys a look at my checklist. Think of it as my thoughts on how to prep and the must-haves for a successful San Diego Comic-Con of awesomely epic proportions. 

Hit List of the SDCC Exclusives

I usually scour a website like this one to find out what the exclusives are and where to get them, and if you're lucky and can get there Wednesday night, it's like an amazing scavenger hunt! If you see me running… Well, I may just mow you down to get my hands on that Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn exclusive statue... So consider this my warning and apology in advance. Hehe… ;)

Wardrobe Prep and Nerdy Nail Art

I like to have every single outfit for my days and nights planned out.  It is such a whirlwind of panels, running around the booths, filming, screenings and parties that having my outfits planned out in advance saves me so much time and stress. So when I roll out of bed after being out way too late (probably dancing it up at Nerd HQ), I know exactly what to put on. And as a bonus, having outfit changes saves me from smelling too…um, con-like when I run into friends and give hugs at the end of a long day! (And yes this is probably the girliest thing I will talk about and ever post for a DC blog... Sorry and you're welcome? Maybe… Haha!)

Worst case, if I don't have my nerd on my sleeve I never leave home without some nerd on my nails!  If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you've seen some of my manicures. It is one of my fav little treats! You'll just have to wait till next week to see what I'm gonna do for this year’s show, but I will say I think it’s someone's 75th anniversary so... hint hint.

Deodorant and Perfume or Cologne

Self explanatory.  (See above... don't wanna be the smelly girl.)


Hall H Panels are the Mecca of Comic-Con. They’re where some of the biggest announcements of the year are revealed and I am sure this year will be no different.  The lines can get long… Very, very, sooooo very long. So make sure you know what panels are your top priority and get there early! One that is on the top of my list is Saturday night’s DC TV panel that will be screening some of DC's new shows like The Flash...and hosted by none other than the Arrow himself, Stephen Amell.

Maybe choose some smaller panels as well. Remember, lines can get a little long depending on who's chatting, but you can definitely fit in more of those panels during the weekend. Maybe even a panel that Blair and I accidentally got asked to be on will make your list... Ahem… *cough*Sunday10-11am*cough*

Protein Bars and LOTS of Water!

The day will go by so fast and you will be running around ragged, so make sure your recharging that battery and hydrating as much as possible. Okay yeah, that totally was my mom tip of the day! Haha!

A Good Attitude

It can and will be crowded, but everyone there is there because they love comic books and the fanboy culture, so say hello to some old friends and make some new ones too!  I can't tell you how many people in my life now I’ve met and started friendships with at Comic-Con!

Man, just putting this list together has gotten me super pumped!!! Hopefully, I’ve helped you out a little bit with your prep for San Diego Comic-Con. Hope to see some of your smiling faces down there, cause I know I won't be able to wipe the smile off mine!

Happy Comic-Con-ing!

Look for Tiffany and her DC All Access co-host, Blair, roaming the floor of San Diego Comic-Con in search of free t-shirts and all the latest DC Entertainment news (but mostly free t-shirts). You can also catch them on Sunday’s “DC Entertainment All Access: 101” panel, which gets started at 10 a.m. in Room 6DE. For more from Tiffany, be sure to check out this week’s new episode of DC All Access.