Editor Will Dennis talks THE NEW DEADWARDIANS--A PAGE’S...

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Thursday, April 5th, 2012





It’s often the writer and artist of a series who get the lion’s share of the attention. And that makes perfect sense...it’s their baby and they have to cherish it, promote it, defend it and mean it. DAN ABNETT and I.N.J. CULBARD are doing amazing work writing and drawing THE NEW DEADWARDIANS and they deserve the attention.


But every great book is only as good as the team backing up the writer and artist. In this case, the team is slightly smaller than usual (because I.N.J does his own inks and covers) but just as vital:


TRAVIS LANHAM is the letterer who puts the words in your head. He’s a super-chilled out guy who’s been doing great work for me since the first issue of NORTHLANDERS. He really knows his stuff and has an easy-going style that suits our team.


PATRICIA MULVIHILL is the colorist extraordinaire. We’ve been working together for years and she still continues to impress me. She’s a bit of a perfectionist and given me more than a few grey hairs (K20!) over the years running right up to our deadlines, but it’s always worth it. She’s one of the absolute best ever in this business and I’m always thrilled to have her with me. 


MARK DOYLE is our Associate Editor and he’s really the glue that holds us all together. His game is just airtight. And on top of assisting me on THE NEW DEADWARDIANS (and all my other books) he’s a crack editor in his own right, having been the driving force behind AMERICAN VAMPIRE!


Click here for some process pages from our Issue #2. Blue Line “pencils”, lettered inks and gorgeous full color.  Enjoy!



Will Dennis