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First Look: Astro City Arachnophobia

First Look: Astro City Arachnophobia

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

You’re not afraid of spiders, are you? You might be after getting through this exclusive first look at Wednesday’s ASTRO CITY #51…

Life in the big city is crazy enough without having to worry about giant, alien spiders abducting you and dragging you down to their underground lair.

Then again, the city in question is Astro City. In Kurt Busiek and Brent E. Anderson’s ASTRO CITY #51, we’re introduced to Lord Arachnos, a man-eating spider who is the size of a large SUV. Arachnos has been stealing people from the streets of the city and storing them for dinner, and his most recent victims are Rose and her young son, Duncan. Holding Duncan’s hand through the whole ordeal, Rose wants nothing more than to keep the boy from succumbing to fear until they can be rescued. But as she soon learns, rescued doesn’t necessarily mean saved.

A deeply affecting issue from a series that’s acclaimed for its surprising, often emotional superhero storytelling, Astro City #51 continues last month’s Michael Tenicek story, though our exclusive sneak peek is all Arachnos…and all too terrifying. Enjoy!


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ASTRO CITY #51 by Kurt Busiek, Brent E. Anderson, Alex Ross and Peter Pantazis is in stores this Wednesday.