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iZombie: Five Mysteries Yet to Be Solved

iZombie: Five Mysteries Yet to Be Solved

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers from the current season of iZombie.

After taking a break for the holidays (even zombies like making gingerbread houses and exchanging gifts), iZombie returns tonight with an all-new episode that will kick off the second half of the season. While zombies have been known to lumber from time to time, this particular zombie show has really hit its stride with a rich, slightly darker storyline that has Liv and Ravi searching for a zombieism cure while the people responsible for the outbreak in the first place look for ways to exploit the undead. We’ve gotten to know Blaine’s perfectly slimy father along with the Seattle crime lord known as “Mr. Boss” and the zombie rat affectionately branded “New Hope.” We’ve seen Liv and Blaine continue to rock their “It’s complicated” relationship status and a welcome reunion between Ravi and Peyton.

Of course, throughout all of this there have been mysteries for Liv and Clive to puzzle out. Many, many mysteries. But not all of them have been solved. In fact, some of the best mysteries of the season have only recently been revealed. Here are five brain-teasing iZombie mysteries that we’re still figuring out.

Are Liv and Clive Seriously Done as Partners?

They were always a pretty unlikely duo. Yet, Detective Clive Babineaux and “psychic” Liv Moore’s professional partnership has always been the foundation of iZombie. So we were pretty surprised when Clive ended it during the midseason finale episode, “Cape Town.” It’s no mystery that Liv doesn’t enjoy being a zombie. She doesn’t like having to steal the brains of the recently deceased, despairs about having to take on the personality traits of other people and worries constantly about inadvertently creating other zombies. The one thing that’s kept her going is her ability to help Clive and the Seattle PD solve some otherwise unsolvable murder cases. So how long will she be kept off the case? And what will she do to cope with her undead life in the meantime?

Speaking of “Seriously Done” is There any Hope for Liv and Major?

Liv and Major have been on and off again throughout the entire series, but after the events of the last two episodes, it’s hard to hold out much hope that Liv and Major will reconcile yet again and live happily ever after. (Seriously, Liv, stalker brain or not, did you HAVE to check Major’s texts? And Major, buddy, you were a zombie once… a little understanding for our girl Liv, maybe?) While this pair has walked the precarious line of complex relationships pretty well so far on this series, something about their last exchange felt final. We’re not saying there’s no coming back from that, but it’ll take a lot of effort, communication and possibly medical science to make it happen and it’s unsure if either of them are dedicated enough to make that happen. Especially when you have Gilda creating all sorts of trouble behind the scenes. And on the subject of Gilda…

What Exactly is Max Rager Doing?

We’re all about living life nonstop, but after seeing what’s gone into creating the Max Rager energy drink, we’ll stick to coffee, thank you very much. Seriously, though, what’s going on with these guys? The fact that they’re secretly employing Major to kill the zombies their product had a hand in making isn’t so surprising, considering their severe lack of ethics. But what exactly are they trying to do with those zombies in their medical lab? And why tap Gilda to intimately spy on Liv? They may be telling their board members that their little zombie problem is getting dealt with, but their company president, Vaughn Du Clark, doesn’t seem to see it as a problem so much as a further source of profit. But in what way? To bolster their line of drinks… or something even more sinister?

Liv Was Just Saved by Mr. Boss… That’s Not Good, Right?

First and foremost, can we just take a moment to talk about how amazing Eddie Jemison has been as Stacey Boss, the extremely powerful Seattle crime lord who has shaken things up for just about everyone this season? The guy had not only what’s arguably the best character debut of the season (that speech he gave to Liv from the barber chair was downright chilling), but has absolutely stolen every scene he’s been in. And so far, there haven’t been many of them! Hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of this guy going forward, which we suspect may be the case after he saved Liv’s life at the end of “Cape Town.” This is the second run-in he’s had with Liv, which suggests he may have taken an interest in her. Meanwhile, Peyton’s attempting to build a case against him for the District Attorney’s office with the help of Blaine, completely unaware of whom and what Blaine is and that he’s only trying to take down Mr. Boss so that he can take his place in the Seattle crime scene.

Yes, it’s a fair guess to say that Mr. Boss is going to create a lot more trouble before he’s finished and that Liv will be at the center of it. Which would be the most troubling of these unsolved mysteries were it not for that stunner of a final scene in iZombie’s last episode.

So the Cure Doesn’t Work? What Does That Mean for Major and Blaine?

I guess they’ll have to change New Hope’s name to The Empire Strikes Back. “Cape Town” ended with Ravi discovering that his previously cured rat had reverted and once again become a zombie, meaning that he was essentially back at square one in his search for a cure. That’s frustrating enough, but what really gets our minds swirling is what this means for our two previously cured zombies—Major and Blaine. Their lives have changed drastically since getting the cure and are largely centered around controlling the zombie community in some way—which will completely be turned on its head when they find themselves reentering that community. Who knows how Blaine will respond to it (the guy does have a bit of that rockstar zen thing going), but you have to imagine this will shake Major to his very core. How can he continue hunting zombies when he becomes a zombie himself? How will he deal with taking on the personality traits of other people after doing such a bad job adapting to that with Liv? And what does any of this mean for the zombies in the freezer? His plan was to release them once they could be cured, right?

All we know is that if we have to actually watch Major kill that sweet zombie call girl he met in the last episode, we may ugly cry. Seriously, we may do it.

Those are some of the biggest mysteries remaining to be solved, but they sure aren’t the only ones. Are there any that have been puzzling you that we didn’t cover? What are you looking forward to seeing now that iZombie is back? Be sure to leave them in the comments below or tweet them using the #DCTV hashtag, and we’ll see you in Seattle!

iZombie returns tonight with an all-new episode at 9 p.m. (6 p.m. CST) on The CW.