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Last Gang in Town: Where Will You be in 2018?

Last Gang in Town: Where Will You be in 2018?

By DCE Editorial Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

LAST GANG IN TOWN, the full throttle heist comedy with a soul that’s pure punk rock, screams its final, raucous tune this week with a last issue that launches our now aged gang into orbit as they infiltrate and try to take down a satellite built to maintain the world’s 1%.

Since we celebrated the first issue of LAST GANG IN TOWN by asking the full creative team where they were in 1977, when the bulk of the series takes place, we thought we’d celebrate the finale by asking the team to speculate where they’ll be in the year the big finish occurs: 2018!

Simon Oliver, writer

It’s 2018, cheese has been outlawed in 38 states, the iPhone power button has moved again, causing widespread rioting on both coasts despite the fact that most of them are now underwater due to global warming, and the comic book industry has devolved into a single anamorphous, polysexual mass of pulsating spandex that you legally can’t write unless your name begins with the letter “B” (don’t ask).  As a direct result, I have abandoned writing to finally pursue my real dream of becoming an airplane window tester. I now spend my days firing various types of frozen poultry at cockpit windows. It’s hard, but rewarding, work. I put in the hours and in time carve out a niche as the go-to Cornish game hen firer in my field.

Rufus Dayglo, artist

The passing of his Purpleness in 2016 left the world momentarily in need...but in a vision, the Mothership bestowed purple powers on a small skinny ginger cartoonist, and made him rise 2 the challenge. He dedicated himself 2 destroying neo-conservatism, Donald Trump and the GOP with funky comics, wiggly hips and finely tuned hairstyles.

Giulia Brusco, colorist

As cheese has been outlawed and people with red-squirrel hairdos might rule the Earth, nothing will be left for me except to make my way to Pluto, to discover if it’s true it’s a dwarf planet or a giant one. I’ll be coloring comic books in zero gravity and delivering the files via NASA equipment, no longer a slave to slow, intermittent cable Internet. Eating ice cream will prove a challenge, but performing complex Pilates moves will hardly be an issue anymore. I might come back around in the year 2040, when cheese is reinstated, chocolate is free and the new Earth ruler is a dolphin. By then, thanks to the twin paradox, I should also be much younger than most of my friends! 

Jamie S. Rich, editor

I imagine in 2018 I will be living a Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? scenario with my cat, Sadie, who will be about 20 around then, as she holds me hostage and forces me to open endless cans of tuna in order to keep her bowl fresh. Luckily, we don’t have any stairs for her to push me down or anything. Then again, I live in the U.S., so I don’t even want to hazard a guess at what Trump’s America will look like. Trump steaks and champagne all the time, or gruel and E. Coli water? It’s a gamble. And my cat may have actually packed up and moved to Canada by that point. Plus, LAST GANG IN TOWN associate editor Molly Mahan will be in charge of DC and will show us what a real dictator looks like. 

Molly Mahan, associate editor

In 2018, I’ll be paying Sadie off in gourmet chicken liver pâté with all my DC publisher money.

Steve Wands, letterer

It’s 2018. The comics industry has become a dystopian nightmare. Using her new status as publisher, Molly has blacklisted me. As a result I’ve turned to day drinking. Unable to find work, I contemplate a heist of my own. I e-mail you all about it, but you’re all doing well and have no time for crime.

Rob Davis, cover artist

Just got this e-mail. I'm drunk in Greece. In 2018, I will still be drunk in Greece, but Greece will have left the Eurozone. And the EU. And planet Earth. I will be drinking with Greek friends in a post-capitalist Greco/Dorset outer space street bar. 

All creator caricatures drawn by Rufus Dayglo.

LAST GANG IN TOWN #6 is now available in print and as a digital download. Look for the collected edition in stores this September.