People are talking about THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE

People are talking about THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Friday, November 1st, 2013

This week marked the launch of the highly anticipated new limited series THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE by renowned fantasy writer Neil Gaiman and artist J.H. Williams, III. If you haven't kept up with the press coverage, check out some of the hightlights below.

The ASSOCIATED PRESS kicked off the launch day of THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE #1 with a feature about the 25th Anniversary of the series with quotes from Gaiman

MTV posted a gallery of Death and discussed her look with artist J.H. Williams

COMICS ALLIANCE interviewed J.H. Williams about his art process

SYFY spoke with Gaiman for their video series Origin Stories

CNN's Christiane Amanpour spoke with Gaiman about the series. Check out the video around the 7:15 mark.

Several outlets including FAST COMPANY, TIME OUT LONDON, THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, and THE MARY SUE published stories reflecting on THE SANDMAN and building excitement for the return of The Endless

And their have been some incredible reviews of this spectacular debut issue:

“Reading this comic feels exactly like coming home.” – THE GUARDIAN

“Every page of SANDMAN OVERTURE is as haunting as it is engaging – exactly what one would expect from a dream of a comic.” – AINT IT COOL NEWS

 “From the first page to the last, The Sandman: Overture #1 is an eruption of hallucinogenic artwork and unreal storytelling.” – VICE MAGAZINE/MOTHERBOARD

 “Dreams may come and dreams may go... but The Sandman is here to stay.” –TOR

“Sandman: Overture may go down as one of the best-drawn chapters in Sandman's already legendary run.” – NEWSARAMA

“There are so many moments where you'll find yourself mesmerized by the art. Williams doesn't miss a beat in recreating this world so many of us deeply adore.” – COMIC VINE

“Each stunning page is appealing to the eyes as Williams designs such inventive layouts for the eloquent prose.” –BLOODY DISGUSTING

"Neil Gaiman's return to Sandman definitely won't put you to sleep." --io9


So, if you haven't already picked up a copy, it's not too late, THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE #1 is on sale now.