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Preview Monday: BATGIRL #36 and FBP: FEDERAL BUREAU OF...

By Clark Bull Monday, November 10th, 2014

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday! This week, we’re giving you exclusive first looks at BATGIRL #36 and FBP: FEDERAL BUREAU OF PHYSICS #15.

First, in BATGIRL #36, Batgirl’s new life is off to a rousing start when her first day of graduate school is interrupted – by twin sister assassins on motorcycles! What kind of motorcycles, you ask? They happen to be the same prototype motorcycles that were stolen out of the Robotics Lab! Robotic engines, intelligent chassis, jet boosters – that kind of thing. Will Barbara ever find time to actually do her research? And even if the twins on two wheels weren’t tearing the campus apart, there’s still the small problem of the missing data from Barbara’s algorithm! (And a slight distraction in the research department by the name of Jeremy DeGroot!) Written by Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher and illustrated by Babs Tarr, BATGIRL #36 is on sale this Wednesday.

BATGIRL #36 variant cover by Cliff Chiang

Then, “Standing On Shoulders” continues in FBP: FEDERAL BUREAU OF PHYSICS #15. Wave or particle? Jerk or hero? Cicero’s about to discover that both are simultaneously possibilities. But first he needs to survive field training! Is Cicero in over his brilliant head? The field training goal is simple: make it from point A to point B in 48 hours. But each checkpoint has a particle-shaking booby trap! Statistically speaking, does Cicero have a chance in hell of making it through alive? FBP: FEDERAL BUREAU OF PHYSICS #15, written by Simon Oliver and illustrated by Nathan Fox and Alberto Ponticelli, hits shelves on Wednesday.

FBP: FEDERAL BUREAU OF PHYSICS #15 cover by Nathan Fox

 Take a look at the gallery above for a first look at both books!