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Preview Monday: Clean Room #13!

Preview Monday: Clean Room #13!

By Nicole Valdez Monday, November 7th, 2016

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday. This week, we bring you a special look at CLEAN ROOM #13!

In this week’s issue of CLEAN ROOM, Astrid Mueller must confront Duncan and Killian, her most trusted Rooks, for betraying her. Though both confess their guilt over releasing an entity, Astrid will not soon forgive and brings them to the Clean Room to accept their punishment.

Then Astrid Mueller gets a new shock when a child entity is born, and she finds out she's related to the creature! Astrid will soon find out just what this new entity is capable of—and its far deadlier than anyone could have imagined. Find out more by reading CLEAN ROOM #13 from writer Gail Simone and artists Walter Geovani, Quinton Winter (colors), and Todd Klein (letters)!