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Preview Monday: GREEN LANTERN #36 and FAIREST #31

Preview Monday: GREEN LANTERN #36 and FAIREST #31

By Clark Bull Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday! This week, we’re giving you exclusive first looks at GREEN LANTERN #36 and FAIREST #31.

“GODHEAD,” continues in GREEN LANTERN #36 with act 2, part 1. With the various Lantern Corps thrashed by the New Gods, Hal Jordan leads the survivors to a haven that may not be any safer: the Antimatter Universe! But as differences are set aside and strategies drawn, the greatest of the Lanterns makes a decision that will forever alter his life and the future of the Corps – and it involves enlisting the help of the deadliest of threats. Here’s a hint: Black Hand! Written by Robert Venditti and illustrated by Francis Portela, GREEN LANTERN #36 is on sale this Wednesday.

Then, FAIREST #31, the penultimate chapter of “The Clamour for Glamour,” poses the age-old question: “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” Will Mary’s garden be good enough to win the Best Garden at the Farm contest? Mary certainly hopes so, although an impressionable Little Lamb and his pals may be about to spoil it all, thanks to a little inspiration from a pile of Pinocchio’s favorite comic books. Meanwhile, an unplanned arrival brings Reynard and Meghan a new bundle of joys and woes. FAIREST #31, written by Mark Buckingham and illustrated by Russell Braun, hits shelves on Wednesday.