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Preview Monday: Sinestro #19 and Clean Room #4

Preview Monday: Sinestro #19 and Clean Room #4

By Kelley Popham Monday, January 18th, 2016

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday. This week there's no need to fear, we're giving you exclusive first looks at Sinestro #19 and Clean Room #4!

First in SINESTRO #19 the Pale Bishop has declared a holy war on all emotions—and his minions are about to invade Earth! Only the power of fear stands against them. In an attempt to bolster his defensive line, Sinestro has dispatched yellow rings across our world, adding many heroes and villains to the ranks of the Sinestro Corps! Check out what writer Cullen Bunn and artists Brad Walker and Neil Edwards have in store for SINESTRO #19. 

Then in CLEAN ROOM #4 Astrid finds herself in the unique position of interrogating someone…scratch that…someTHING truly unexpected in the Clean Room, and she may not leave there alive. Meanwhile, Chloe storms off to find another way to take down Astrid and her corporation, only to find her life spiraling farther down the drain…not to mention, something from the Clean Room may have slithered out to follow her home. Don't miss out on what the creative team of Gail Simone and John Davis-Hunt have planned for this frightful issue in an all new CLEAN ROOM #4!