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Preview Monday: THE FLASH #17 and THE UNWRITTEN #46

Preview Monday: THE FLASH #17 and THE UNWRITTEN #46

By Alex Nagorski Monday, February 25th, 2013

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday! This week we’re giving you exclusive first looks at THE FLASH #17 and THE UNWRITTEN #46.

After the exciting events of last issue, The Flash has transported himself and Gorilla Grodd into the Speed Force for a final showdown! This month, Barry Allen’s battle with Grodd comes to its bone-crunching conclusion in the finale of “Gorilla Warfare”. Will The Flash be able to defeat Grodd, who now shares the power of the Speed Force? And can Central City survive without the help of the Scarlet Speedster?  Find out in THE FLASH #17, which also features the introduction of one of The Flash’s greatest foes! In stores this Wednesday, THE FLASH #17 comes to you from the creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. Click here for an exclusive preview of the issue.

Also this week, in the conclusion of “The Corpse Harvest Reiteration,” Richie the Vampire continues to help Detective Didge Patterson in her investigation of a young boy with a wicked imagination. Known as the Corpse Harvest Killer, little Jason Ponticello has created horrifying stories that have real world repercussions. Madame Rausch has a surefire plan to stop the rising body count, but at what price? Find out in THE UNWRITTEN #46, in stores this Wednesday, written by Mike Carey and illustrated by Peter Gross and Dean Ormston. Click here for an exclusive preview of the issue.