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Seven DC Must-Sees at San Diego Comic-Con

Seven DC Must-Sees at San Diego Comic-Con

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Dozens of panels, scores of signings and about a million things to see in just over four days—if you’re a DC fan who’s going to San Diego Comic-Con, you have your work cut out for you.  By now, you’ve likely flagged all of the panels you’re interested in and are making all of the tough choices—such as whether you’d rather check out the Flash panel, or get in line for the Scott Snyder Batman signing in the DC booth. The greatest thing about Comic-Con is that there are so many things to do that no matter what kind of DC fan you are, you’re going to find panels, signings and demonstrations you’re interested in happening every single day.

However, there are a few things happening this weekend that go beyond preferences and are “must sees” for any and all DC fans. These are the things you’re going to tell all of your friends at home about when SDCC is over. They’re things that you’ll still remember months and even years from now. They’re the sort of experiences that you won’t be able to have at any of the smaller comic book conventions—you’ll only find them in San Diego. Yes, some of them will take a little work to get into, but trust us, it’ll be well worth it in the end. Pack a camera and make sure these are all on your calendar. Here are seven of the biggest DC must sees you’ll find at San Diego Comic-Con this week.

Suicide Squad Experience at the Hard Rock

In a few weeks, DC fans worldwide will finally get a chance to see Suicide Squad, the next film to be released in the DC cinematic universe. However, the fans who are going to San Diego Comic-Con will have a chance to take that one step further and experience a thrilling sequence from the film alongside the Suicide Squad characters in virtual reality. It’s the anchor attraction at an experience that will transform 6,000 square feet of the Hard Rock Hotel into Belle Reve Penitentiary, where you’ll also be able to take photos inside one of Belle Reve’s infamous cells and get a slick looking Suicide Squad tattoo based on any of the film’s main characters in Harley’s Tattoo Parlor. (Don’t worry, they’re only temporary.) 

Celebrating 75 Years of Wonder Woman Panel

Wonder Woman is celebrating her 75th Anniversary this year, which means that this sure-to-be-packed, once-in-a-lifetime panel is absolutely essential for Wonder Woman fans. The list of panelists is being kept tightly under wraps, but if it’s anything like the previous Batman and Superman anniversary panels, it’s certain to be memorable, surprising and quite possibly emotional. Expect the celebration to touch on all aspects of Wonder Woman, including her appearances in comics, TV, animation, toys and film, and to be filled with stories and memories shared by people who have worked on Wonder Woman throughout the years. The panel takes place on Saturday, July 23 from 3 to 4 p.m. in Room 6DE. And speaking of Wonder Woman…

Step Aboard Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

We’re not sure we’d trust ourselves to fly Wonder Woman’s famous invisible jet, but fortunately it’ll be parked firmly on the ground outside of the San Diego Convention Center this week at Comic-Con. Located at the intersection of Island and 6th within the Gaslamp District, fans are invited to take a photo in the cockpit of this life-size replica of the invisible jet, which will be illuminated at night. Even better, Wonder Woman’s jet rests alongside a special art exhibit featuring larger-than-life artistic tributes to Wonder Woman all painted by female artists that will change every day of the show. Together, they’ll make for a unique experience well worth the trip out of the convention hall. The jet will be on display from Wednesday night through Sunday, but here’s an insider tip. If you want the ultimate Wonder Woman experience, you might want to head down Saturday night at 5 p.m., when we’re hosting our special Wonder Woman Cosplay Meet-Up at the jet.

Go One-on-One With Paul Dini

Writer of some of the most acclaimed animation and comic books in history and creator of Harley Quinn, Paul Dini is a legend within the world of DC. His contributions to Batman: The Animated Series, Detective Comics, Harley and Ivy and more has defined Batman and his world for an entire generation of fans. Dini’s newest DC project, Dark Night: A True Batman Story, an original autobiographical graphic novel published through Vertigo, is quickly shaping up to be one of the most acclaimed comics of 2016. All of which is to say that this DC panel offering a one-on-one conversation with Dini is a rare glimpse into the mind of one of the greatest super hero writers of the modern era, whose work is an important part of the bedrock upon which a convention like SDCC has been built.

Batman: The Killing Joke World Premiere

Batman: The Killing Joke is one of the most popular and influential Batman comics ever written, and this year’s feature-length animated adaptation of it is easily the most anticipated animated super hero film in years. The movie’s single-night theatrical screenings have been selling out nationwide, but the first place viewers will have a chance to see Batman: The Killing Joke is at San Diego Comic-Con. The SDCC screening will be preceded by a panel featuring the film’s cast and crew, but if you’re there with kids, you may want to find a sitter. Batman: The Killing Joke is rated R and is every bit as harrowing and mature as the source material…and every bit as good. The World Premiere takes place on Friday, July 22 from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. in Ballroom 20.

Experience Batman: Arkham VR

Watching and reading Batman is always entertaining, but this year at San Diego Comic-Con fans will get their first real chance to step into the cowl and become him. Batman: Arkham VR is an intriguing new chapter in the Arkham series of games that will launch alongside Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR. But whether Sony’s new console add-on interests you or not, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to experience the demo, which is easily the most immersive dip into Batman’s world that we’ve ever taken. The demos will be taking place within the DC booth (Booth #1915), but to participate, you’ll need to get a wristband. Info on how you can obtain one of those can be found here, but this one is well worth it. If you’re a Batman fan, it may just be the highlight of the convention for you.

DC’s Young Animal Panel

Consider this one your wild card. DC’s Young Animal is a brand new comic book imprint launching this fall under the oversight of My Chemical Romance frontman and comic book writer Gerard Way. Featuring titles like DOOM PATROL, SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL and CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE, the Young Animal comics boast a tight lineup of writers and artists led by Way himself and a uniquely weird sensibility you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. These comics offer up something decidedly different and each has all the ingredients to become the next word-of-mouth hit. This panel, featuring Way and fellow creators Cecil Castellucci and Jon Rivera, is your chance to make sure you’re in from the very start. It takes place on Friday, July 22 from 5:30 p.m. through 6:30 p.m. in Room 5AB.

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