SWEET TOOTH "Winter Gear" design sketches by Jeff Lemire

SWEET TOOTH "Winter Gear" design sketches by Jeff...

By DCE Editorial Thursday, April 7th, 2011
Jeff Lemire, fashion designer? Out in the snow and freezing cold, the characters of SWEET TOOTH need some warm clothes to bundle up in. So leave it to the amazing Jeff Lemire to dress them in cozy coats and scarves. Jeff shares some of his “winter gear” design sketches with us as the Endangered Species storyline begins in issue #20 on sale now. Gus and Jepperd gus-and-jepperd-winter-gear Lucy and Becky lucy-and-becky-winter-gear Singh and Johnny singh-and-johnny-winter-gear Wendy and Bobby wendy-and-bobby-winter-gear Walter walter-head

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