"...the cure for the plague of feyness among modern vampires."

"...the cure for the plague of feyness among modern...

By DCE Editorial Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
BOOKLIST gives a rave review to AMERICAN VAMPIRE Volume 1 by Scott Snyder, Stephen King and artist Rafael Albuquerque. "It would be entirely understandable if no one wanted to read another vampire book ever again. It would be a shame, though, to miss this one. The story centers on an Old West outlaw named Skinner Sweet, who, in death, made the evolutionary leap to a whole new breed of bloodsucker: one who thrives in the sun, is impervious to the traditional slaying methods, and is a definite threat to the ensconced European vamps exploiting the American West. Writers Snyder and King (penning his first comic) swap chapters back and forth to tell a dual narrative of antihero Skinner’s backstory and a flapper-era Hollywood gal he helps out (and infects, naturally) decades later. Curiously, by reinventing vampires for the umpteenth time, Snyder and King have transported them right back to the beginning, squarely in the wheelhouse of bloody, scary horror. Albuquerque’s sinuous, raggedly shaded artwork supplies great period frills—with a distinctive sheen for each time frame—and piercing, grisly chills. Smart, literary even, this series looks to be the cure for the plague of feyness among modern vampires." — Ian Chipman AMVAMPDJ_2.indd