This Just Happened—William and Nika Come Face-to-Face for the First Time

This Just Happened—William and Nika Come Face-to-Face for...

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Friday, August 9th, 2013

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read TRILLIUM #1 yet and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!).
No matter which way you start reading TRILLIUM #1, midway through the comic book you come to the exact same point in both stories: a single frame where our protagonists come face-to-face with the other—catching a glimpse, for the first time, of the person they’re destined to love.
But is it love at first sight? The normal clichés won’t hold up in a sci-fi, time-travel, end-of-days romance. Both our hero and heroine have reasons to run – fast – from this encounter.
William, hacking and slashing his way through the thick jungle with a giant machete, bloody from an attack by hostile natives, hears a rustle in the thick brush at the base of the Lost Temple of the Incas – Home of the Goddess Kuka Mama. Turning, he sees Nika for the first time.

Nika, after ingesting an herb with the indigenous alien tribe she’s been trying to make contact with, she’s shown the way into the Atabithian Temple where she is cut off from her com-link and alone in a strange, wild place. Turning around the corner of the temple, she sees William for the first time.

Brought to you by the creative mind of Jeff Lemire, TRILLIUM combines rich historical adventure and mind-bending science fiction into a sprawling, unconventional love story.

Now, check out this suspenseful moment as Scientist and Soldier meet in the gallery above. If you didn’t notice, the composition of each story of this issue is identical.  And stay tuned for what this initial encounter means as the story continues next month!