Tuesday Tonic with editor Shelly Bond and Peter Milligan

Tuesday Tonic with editor Shelly Bond and Peter Milligan

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Tuesday, June 19th, 2012


I hope you’ve brought plenty of cocktail napkins!  In this week’s Tuesday Tonic, HELLBLAZER scribe Peter Milligan spills salacious, slobbering secrets about the werewolves of London.  Read on!

What scares you more:  A good old-fashioned Hammer horror film or a good hard look in the mirror?

Well, I have a big mirror on the ceiling in my bedroom above my bed.  The kind of stuff that's reflected there would scare Boris Karloff.

What's the basis for "The House of Wolves," the standalone guest artist issue featuring art by that shy, diminutive art star Simon Bisley?

I'm interested in how John and Epiphany's past might have occasionally crossed, what you might call the mythologies of their lives.  I also like the idea of how memories of the same event can differ, depending on where you're coming from, and this story takes a hairy and crazy look at that.  Here, a crap werewolf movie is the thing that sparks latent memories--and a long dormant infection.

What's your Favorite moment in the story?

I like it when young Piffy meets the werewolf...and has a slightly unusual reaction to it.

What are you reading now and do you read on paper or plastic?

I tend to have  a few things going at the same time.  I'm reading “A Heart So White,” by the Spanish author Javier Maria.   This also deals with the past, and the weight the past puts on the present.   I have a Kindle and that can be useful sometimes but for me it doesn't replace books.

What's John Constantine most likely to munch on in a movie theatre?


HELLBLAZER #292, The House of Wolves,” is in stores on June 20.